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  1. Hello everyone. This is only my second post. I Dont have my manual yet. Just wanted to know if i should go to subaru for my engine oil, filter and trans fluid? Which type? I have the 1997 legacy outbak wagon automatic, 2.5 ibelieve. Has 156,000 miles.
  2. Boy do I feel Silly. Pushed down on hood a couple of times then pulled hood up. Then went back to release lever in car and back to hood and a little tug and it came right up. First thing I did was check fluids. All ok. But coolant reserve container was empty. Should I be worried?
  3. Glad to find this forum. Just happen to come across a 1997 subaru legacy outback. Got it home. Cant open the hood. Used the pull tab by my feet and cable doesn't seem to be broken. Can i get to the latch outside? My first time with a subaru.