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  1. So right now im running downpipe to straight pipe all the way to a muffler. And I want it louder but also want the option to keep it quite, thus why I want a cutoff. My question is which one should I get? I heard good things and bad things about badlandz, QTP, etc. But I was wondering what you guys would choose? I don't want something insanely expensive but also doesn't leak if that's even possible. Looking to spend around 200ish. Thanks! Also exhaust is 3inch so if you wanna send links that'd be great!
  2. So I just bought a 2004 WRX and it has a downpipe to a muffler. According to the owner he says its a catback but its not, and was wondering if I remove the muffler, do I need a tune? Right now its running a stage 2 tune, that's as far as I know. Thanks!
  3. Thank you for the reply. Its gonna be a long long time (Hopefully) until I do a full engine swap. But a hybrid is probably what im going with. But I have another question unrelated to this if you wouldn't mind checking your messages. Thanks!
  4. Now is that 6k-8k with labor, or just parts?
  5. Also what would be the cost of that? Or rough estimate.
  6. What do you mean by hybrid exactly?
  7. Oh okay! Thank you for the reply everyone. Good to hear this. I thought it was gonna be a issue. This is really good to hear. Thanks again! And, when that time comes, should I engine swap it with a original wrx engine, or something different?
  8. So I just bought a 2004 WRX with 146k miles. All maintenance done to it OTHER then headgaskets. So I'm wondering, how long do they last on this year? I wanna save up and replace them, but knowing that its gonna cost quite a bit, its gonna be awhile till ill be able to, and don't want anything to happen. Thanks!
  9. So I just bought a 2004 WRX. And he told me his right lowbeam went out. Thought no problem probably a lightbulb. Went to the store, got a HID lightbulb, just the same as the one on the drivers side, I took the old lightbulb out and it was clearly wiped out. I put the new lightbulb in, put it all back together. And still won't turn on. I'll post picture tomorrow of what it looks like, but I think the headlights are aftermarket, not sure tho. and their is a weird thing that hooks up to the light, that doesn't have a ground wire? But I checked the otherside, which works fine. And it has no ground wire to it too? If anyone knows what im talking about please let me know how to fix it, and I'll post pictures as soon as possible!