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  1. FerGloyale

    Forgot the Lifters

    I'm not sure, but there may be differences in the cam profiles used for Hydro vs. Solid. I would not mix and match. Especially not without a fresh polish on the Cam lobes. Always keep lifters matched to their location on the cam is the best practice. It will likely run, but it's not a good idea to mix and match valvetrain items.
  2. Yeah, I've used a stepper bit in a drill to open up the hole large enough to fit the universal old Ford type (round with spring tabs). The biggest reason I did this was to use 2 fillament, amber bulbs in the corner markers to have them be both marker and turn indicator.
  3. Why not use a factory thermo switch? No adapter. Turns on fans at ~200 degrees. Use it to trigger a relay that powers the fans directly from battery (through fuse)
  4. EGR can be deleted without making engine trouble. And is super simple and easy system to fix if that's actually an issue. Evap issues? like blowby? or vac leaks? EGR and EVAP are fairly passive sytems and shouldn't make the car run bad. The reason I ask, is because if you are thinking it's EGR and EVAP, it may actually be Fuel injection issues. In that case a weber would wake that motor right up. If it's blow-by/burning oil......it needs rings. Pretty easy to do while engine is out for headgaskets. just pull pistons after heads are off and clean out the landings and replace rings.
  5. FerGloyale

    Stock stereo dimensions for EA81 cars?

    i've got one out on a shelf. I'll take some measurements the "hermosa" style on that website looks like it might be a close fit.
  6. it does. By holding the brake, and stopping the axles from rotating, they become firmly tensioned against the CV cup walls. This effectively becomes a tripod mount that becomes stationary, taking away the vibration dampening of the rubber mount. It happens in Subarus more than other makes because of the relatively long, angled, and equal length axles.....making an even triangle that stiffly locks the trans firm in relation to the body.
  7. FerGloyale

    EA to Ej gauge cluster

    Speed sensor is built into the speedo head. It has 2 wires coming out of it, One yellow/red, the other Black. 2 pole "T" connector (black) should be able to find it hanging under the dash connected to nothing. If you are using OBD I harness it won't matter, but if OBD II it will cut out at 4k rpms without a speed sensor signal.
  8. FerGloyale

    Question about relays

    all of the 4 pin round relays are interchangeable. I do not not believe the relays are needed as part of the dash lighting/marker lighting. Check for any connectors still loose.
  9. FerGloyale

    identify dual range

    this was my reasoning fo saying it will be 3.9 Only 3.7 dual ranges in the USDM market were in RX cars, and on;y the early 85/86 models were Part time. Since this box has Part time transfer at the back (no side lever for diff lock) and it's 23 spline stubs........so it's got to be from an carbed 85-87 USDM GL Wagon/Sedan/3-door ***side note.....Part time single range boxes in 3.7 ratio, with 23 spline stubs, did come in 4wd, 4cyl XT's. Non-turbo. But no Dual ranges so this box is not one of those.
  10. FerGloyale

    EA to Ej gauge cluster

    Yu Yup. That's what I'm saying. everything after 82 or 83 IIRC. They had the VSS for use in the optional dealer installed cruise control. ECS light was used in California models, 2wd models (with feedback carbs) and also on FI models (turbo) Unused for most 4wds, but it's still there in the dash.
  11. FerGloyale

    [92 Loyale] She was running, now she wont!

    check for disty rotor attached....no lost screw. and then timing belts
  12. FerGloyale

    EA to Ej gauge cluster

    You will leave the Brat gauge cluster. You need to fish the 2 pole connector (black) with Yellow/red and black wire in it from under the dash. Ground the black wire, and run the Yellow/red one to the VSS wire of the EJ ECU harness. If you want an ECS light (CEL) operational, you will also need to attach a wire the pin in the dash electrical socket for the ECS light. The bulb should already be there.
  13. FerGloyale

    identify dual range

    Looks to be a standard 5spd D/R from an 85-87 GL. 88/89 would have the LO range light switch on the side, but this one it's absent. 23 spline stubs, selective 4wd (not FT w/ difflock)
  14. FerGloyale

    identify dual range

    Post pics. Location of the D/R shaft, transfer end setup, and front diff stub size will all be useful in determining. should be able to say for sure what year and gear with that info.
  15. add a 22mm socket and wrench for suspension parts. 21 wrench for a few weird item...can't remeber.....maybe a PSpump line?