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  1. There is no point in replacing the seals if you aren't replacing the bearings.
  2. FerGloyale

    Which timing belts?

    Ugh... Bad idea still. Salt, road grime, etc.... Get good belts, and new tensioners and put the covers on. Ignore it for 5 more years at least. Or put belts on every 6-9 months with no covers on.
  3. FerGloyale

    Which timing belts?

    he's in Lake Tahoe. Feet of snow all winter. It would not be a good idea to run without timing belt covers in a place that will DEFINATELY see lots of big snow drfits. Get OE or Misuboshi belt,and koyo tensioners/rollers.
  4. Those look like they are the deeper dish, curved spokes from early 80's GL (EA81 cars) I don't think they will clear the front brake rotors on your loyale. There is an EA82 version of this wheel that will fit. Chrome rings are just trim. rare to find a full set with them.
  5. they can look fine but still be broken. Visual inspection isn't enough. Open the hood, and look at the inner CV cups while an assistant puts the car into gear (holding brakes) If a CV is broken you will see the axle cup spinning but wheel not turning. Torque bind feels like dragging brakes while turning sharp, but doesn't make grinding noise and would not ahve any effect on Parking pawl. I'm 90% that you have a broken front CV axle.
  6. Hey who's going to WCSS from central/southern OR? And which days do ya'll plan to travel? Any chance of meeting up for a Caravan? tentative plan for me is to leave Friday afternoon from Corvallis area? Anyone passing through the area around then from the south? Anyone in Salem or Portland leaving later Friday wanna arrange meet up for I-5 caravan?
  7. FerGloyale

    vss dash problems for ej swap

    It's not a "safety switch" It is simply a signal to the ECU, and has ZERO effect on cranking or starting. Cold start-up the ECU doesn't care whether in "N' or driving, it's all open loop, fixed maps for warm up. After warm up, it goes closed loop, and that's when it matters for idle. (in combo with VSS) It never has any effect on cranking. The "lockout" to keep it from being started while a gear is engaged is from the clutch switch and a relay. Neutral switch is not part of that system, so it's not a "Safety Switch" just clarifying. (It's like when people say "Pollution Control Valve" for PCV....ugh.) Your problem sounds more like VSS with the Rev limit and all.
  8. If it still runs, the timing belt didn't snap. Maybe skipped teeth. But if it snapped entirely, it won't run at all. I personally wouldn't put any money at all into a 20 year old, 200k mile, Dodge Neon. Junk it.
  9. It's electrical mostly. The wiring from the phase I mani, wont work with teh Phase II ECU. The phase II Manifolds won't fit the EJ22E. So, the way to do it is one of 2 ways. A) Full harness strip from the donor car, and install like doing an EJ swap in an older car. OR........... B ) Swap phase II wiring and throttle body over onto phase I intake. A block off plate will have to be made that fits between TB and intake, to block off the Idle passage. Injector connectors will need to be modded/swapped to work on the Phase I injectors. This will run fine, but will have CEL and won't have warm up idle control so you'll need to hold the gas on cold mornings for a 10~30 secs before will idle. * note, if you are installing into a Manual trans vehicle, you will not have a lower starter bolt......so that would need addressed.
  10. FerGloyale

    EJ22 rebuild

    Replace the rings while the heads are off. Otherwise, you will do a valve job and then be pissed when the engine still smokes. Don't hone the cyls. Don't split the block.
  11. FerGloyale

    03 outback rear suspension on EA81 - T-bone 2.0

    i"m going to measure it soon. Had to dig up an angle gauge. I'm guessing almost 30 degrees. maybe more
  12. it can be done with regular clamps using long skinny screwdriver, or 1/4 drive, thinwall socket. Provided it wasn't put together with teh clamp oriented in a way that you can't access after manifold is on.
  13. FerGloyale

    vss dash problems for ej swap

    seriously, that screw missing near the bottom right corner of the VSS unit looks like it is the contact to the trace sheet that corresponds to that pin with the Yellow/red wire.
  14. what are dimensions and the wall thickness of the square? tubing you used as the main beam? And the plate for the rest? 1/8th in? I want to make a similar bumper for my 98 Forester.