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  1. FerGloyale

    1999 Phase II EJ22 into 1987 GL Wagon (carb)

    <<<<<"TaKe MuH mOnEy" meme here>>>>>> yes please I'll take 3.
  2. FerGloyale

    Loyale Control Arm Help

    Oh and it won't fit your car without modification to everything in the front end in some way. Ball joint hole too big, if you use correct balljoint to fit arm, it won't fit the knuckle. They are wider so longer axle needed. Won't fit the radius rod plate (rear pivot) without fully changing mounting type, and lift likely. you need to get a used arm, or build a new arm from your old one. Cut it, straighten it, reinforce it, weld it.
  3. FerGloyale

    Loyale Control Arm Help

    That is incorrectly listed as being for a 93-94 loyale. It is not. Fits alot of EJ platform cars. return it if you can as falsely listed. IDK, I suppose there were alot of L-series variants around the world, perhaps somewhere, in some country there were L-series (Leone, Isuzu Geminette?) that would use control arm like that but not in the US or any other 3rd gen L-series I know of. 93-94 otherwise.
  4. FerGloyale

    vss dash problems for ej swap

    88 Gl should indeed have had a neutral switch. It was originally FI, correct?
  5. replace the charcoal canister. 3 12mm nuts at the rear passenger side under bumper.
  6. I've been wondering what your loaded trail weight is? I've had the thought after I look at yer pictures and videos of the speeds you hit stuff too think "Damn I'd be bottoming out my rear suspension constantly" That is until just recently with the addition of a second set of springs for the rear....but I digress. So yeah, What's that beast weigh ready to roll with a full tank?
  7. it may an issue in your market. I just last week purchased an Aisin Water pump/timing belt kit and all pieces were Japanese OE. Paper waterpump gasket is a sure sign of junk though.
  8. FerGloyale

    EJ swap harness follow up

    you'd have to leave all the power supply and relays that are controlled as well. Best bet is like chux said, just grab the trigger wire from the EJ ECU and run it to the EA fan wire switch......or setup your own relay.
  9. I dry install but I'm in western Oregon were we don't have corrosion concerns.
  10. no that will break the tabs of the plastic insert, if they aren't already broken. they aren't available anymore. So try to save the one you've got. What needs to be done to properly set it in place is unbolt the 2 fasteners holding down the plate to the top of the shifter. THEN insert the shifter through the hole in the plate, and then into the plastic. Once seated, secure the plate back down to the shifter (2 12mm nuts from underneath) The plate is supposed to hold the plastic insert tabs form expanding and letting the shifter pop out.
  11. FerGloyale

    napkin lift on the impreza

    Now that's more like it!
  12. So pop them out and use ones from current trans.....what's the big deal. Same with the selectro switch. No reason to be weary of a trans that sat outside, as long as it was seald. Drain the oil from it, see if it looks clear or like strawberry quick. Clear fluid......should be fine. As good as a trans that sat in a car int eh yard for the same # of years.
  13. Find a socket that fits tight inside the dowel. Then you can grab it tight with vice grips and wiggle it out.
  14. Car is up and running well. Owner is taking it on a 100 mile drive today. Moral of the story.....Fully clear ALL oil passages in the block of ANY old oil before startup of reassembled engine. In this case, I left the "block prep" part of the process up to the owner, and he may not have cleared out the inside of the crankcase well after cleaning the block. IDK.....Probably wont' ever fully know. But for now, everything seems OK to go.
  15. FerGloyale

    napkin lift on the impreza

    You need more lift, more trimming, or less tire. Those back wheels especially are going to stuff against the lip of the wheel well and act like putting the brakes on the first time you get on some real rough terrain.