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  1. Unless you have reason to suspect an injector has failed, it's not really necessary. Not on an N/A car anyhow. They very rarely fail. "rebuilt" likely just means cleaned and flow tested. I doubt the coils and needle valves are serviced/replaced. So basically run some fuel cleaner through it and you've done the same thing and saved $95.
  2. FerGloyale

    KYB Shocks & Struts Question

    i've had to start buying Sachs struts for EA81 cars.
  3. check that the bypass valves cable is moving properly. It's above the gas pedal. If it's not opening, the warm coolant is bypassing the heater core.
  4. It's a good guess. It does happen. It could be the case. But in this case, since he says it's better if not gone after warming up, I think it may be a fluid issue. Cracked fork wouldn't work better warm. Air bubbles in Clutch slave wouldn't go away after driving. Unless their failure was so slight, that normal drag from cold gear oil would be too much and push it over the edge of not shifting (input shaft still spinning too fast, even with clutch in) definately should inspect the clutch fork, and slave, just to rule things out.
  5. 87 will have the Hitachi. "walker" make a kit with teh correct parts. FWIW, it's not nessecary to really replace everything in the carb. Just pull and blow out the emulsion tubes, and replace the tiny o-rings that seal the air horns to the venturi passages. Maybe pull the drain plugs ont eh bowl and clean the bowl out too.
  6. Not unless you are putting a 5 spd in it. And even then it can be just an EA82 4wd clutch, not an ER27 (xt6) Most parts companies have superceeded to the same part for both applications now anyways. If you are using the 4spd, just keep all yer 4 spd clutch stuff. Get a redrilled 4-spd flywheel. You also don't need a nissan 720 throw out bearing. That is for using a 4 spd clutch with the 5 spd trans IIRC
  7. some have a screw on in the inner drivers side fender. In the cooler lines. If it doesn't, don't worry about pulling the "filter" in the trans. It's not a filter, it's pickup screen. And they really never clog. They have a huge surface area. What you are describing doesn't seem trans related. anyhow. Stumbling indicates a misfire. Either a spark or timing issue. FWIW, you have an ECU that thinks there is a bit more power available at low rpms. It may be that when cold it's just hesitating to give you the downshift because it thinks that what it's doing should be "enough". Which it would be with the 2.5, but not with the -30 hp of the 2.2 I know my 2.2 swapped forester has a "sluggish" spot when cold. However mine does not sputter. Again, sputtering, stumbling, is a misfire. What brand of Spark plugs and wires did you use?
  8. Those aren't USDM models really. We didn't get "GT" or "Ti" or "GX" in US market. not in any first gen Legs. Pretty sure in the US the "alpine sport" started in late 92, maybe as a 93 model. Definatley 93 and 94.
  9. I've never had a problem in my EA81 wheeler. Stock tank, EJ22 on 93 managment. Walbro 255. Never had any stalling or bucking, ever. I know why you'd need baffles in theory, but in reality I've never observed a problem in 10+ years wheeling that car. Of course, I ussually have more than a 1/2 tank if I'm in the woods.
  10. if you can fab, it's really not a hard thing. The bumper coming off isn't that hard. Just intimidating. Buy a clip tool and it's easy.
  11. 90/91 Legacy LS or LSi Most of these had sunroofs. They had more luxurious Tan interior (vs. blue or gray on L models of same exterior color) Some had Air Suspension. "alpine sport" introduced in 92, similar options, but a double slotted grill in body color. Rounded, softened front end with turn signals in teh corners instead of the bumper.
  12. Change the spark plugs. NGK v- power is fine and cheap. DO NOT USE BOSCH Check that you have the PCV and IAC hoses correct, and all intake boot clamps are tight. If problem persists, change spark plug wires (NGK) and possibly try another known good coil. FWIW, the high pitched whine at full throttle as RPMs build is normal. It's a result of the shape of the intake snorkus. The accordion shape of the tube acts like an Elk Bugle, lol.
  13. You certainly can flat tow a manual trans subaru. But, IMO, you are gonna put more work into fabbing something safe than you will spend on a 35 mile tow. Can't be more than about $150~200. Unless you plan on towing it ALOT, I don't think it's worth it to make a tow bar. You would really need to attach to not on;y the tow hooks but a "stay" at the bumper lever too. Have to take the cover off to fab something proper. Or buy a kit, which I'm sure is sold, but that's expensive...more than a tow. 05 outback and '10 WRX are nothing alike in the frames. You'd need to build it onto the WRX directly. IIRC, bumper clips are not that expensive....maybe $40 for all of them if you broke every one. Buy them aftermarket on EBay and they are even cheaper...way cheaper.
  14. Was the fluid changed when the clutch was done? (trans fluid) If so they may have put a too thick, conventional oil in it. Try running a thinner, full synthetic trans oil.