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  1. Just replaced the deck and speakers in my 94 Loyale, the biggest problem is the depth is not enough to accommodate a full cd deck. There's about 5.5" of clearance to the heater core/air box so mechless decks are a necessity if you want it to sit flush. My pioneer 1din sticks out 2 inches from the face. I'm gonna replace it with a non-cd deck at some point. Hmmm... 1500w divide by 12 volts is 125 amps. Looks like the 88 has a 60a alternator. So with 125amp draw and 60 amp charge you will be drawing battery down at full volume. I'd put a fresh battery in and watch your system voltage and you should be ok. Normal listening volume will not draw nearly that much juice. Nice score on your DL!
  2. Success! Carquest had a $20 bearing that fits. New belts and she's good to go. Also got my Pioneer stereo installed with new speakers in the front doors. I am super happy.
  3. Success! Mounting shaft came out after a couple taps, then snap ring came out, then tapped the bearing out. No markings, but it measures 15mm ID, 35mm OD, 11mm thick. Bet the parts store has one.
  4. Anyone have EA82 tensioner pulley from a parts car? My bearing seized up yesterday and the parts people are scratching their heads. https://www.dropbox.com/s/71oknlxoezvv1sl/img_3573.jpg?dl=0
  5. No, my replacement Cat/Y pipe from rockauto has large holes in the flanges. They're like 15mm. I went larger diameter on the coupling bolts to the muffler too.
  6. I ended up drilling & tapping new 12mm threads. Worked a treat! It's so quiet now! Thanks for the input all.
  7. Pulled the Y pipe out today because of exhaust leak that is noisy and smells in the cabin when not recirculating cabin air. 2 studs stayed in the engine block, not stripped. 1 stud came out with the nut, engine block threads OK, but 1 hole on the L side is stripped. Won't thread back in at all. What's my best option... 1. Drill and re-tap larger diameter? Seems to be plenty of material to support larger hole an re-cut threads. New Y-pipe and cat have large slots (15ish MM) Never done that before though, might be tricky to align drill bit and tap? 2. Helicoil? Never used these either. 3. There are 2 other holes with threads 90 degrees rotated from the original ones. Is there a way to get a 2nd flange around the pipe rotated 90 degrees to use these holes? They have threads same size as the original ones. 4. Other ideas? I want to keep it as OEM as possible. i already have the replacement Y pipe and cat so I don't want to change that.
  8. Been driving it all summer with max ac on and all good! Can really feel the compressor kicking on and off it sure takes some power out of the little motor. Still, 30.5 mpg doing mostly highway ain't bad for this old a car.
  9. Contemplating what tire to get for my '94. It currently has 175/70 r13 all seasons with 1 mismatched. Looks like 155/80 r13 is comparable but with narrower cross-section. Should get better fuel economy, but perhaps at the cost of grip. Last winter we had lots of snow and my commute gets pretty hairy with variable conditions from sheet ice to packed snow to slush and wet. With this car, I can't justify 2 sets of tires so studs are out, even though they would be awesome. Anybody have experience or insight? What tires are you running for winter conditions? Thanks.
  10. This resolved when I pulled the whole dash. Found the AC amplifier on the evaporator box... it says amplifier right on it so yay for obvious labeling. It can be gotten to through the glove box. Lots of mouse debris in the evap box I'm sure better airflow helps.
  11. Put the dash back together yesterday, and most everything works. Happy to report that all the HVAC is working perfectly with new weatherstripping. Put 1/4" hardware cloth screens where the intakes meet the body, and the fan box recirc intake to keep vermin out. A/C works perfectly now, wheras it stopped after about 20 seconds before. Maybe just a poor connection somewhere in the dash or ac box. Didn't realize before that the defrost setting turns on ac for drying the air before it hits heater core. Kinda cool, but in -20f temperatures there's not much moisture in the air to begin with! Bi-level does feet and windshield vents so that will do the trick, or I will pull the AC fuse in winter. Heater much better now too, it was barely lukewarm before. Almost made a boo-boo with connecting the new heater hoses... put a small rubber stopper in to keep the coolant in the engine, then forgot to take it out before 1st start up. Why doesn't the heater work???? OOPPS... thankfully it didn't go anywhere and I extracted it, bob's your uncle. The problems: "1" fan setting is not working per the broken resistor, I'm not too worried about that for now. Does anyone want to tell me their impedance readings? Then I can solder a resistor in to replace the busted element. Only other thing that's not working is intermittent wiper setting. Slow/fast/mist work fine, but wipers don't return to the bottom automatically. One or two connectors to find I guess. I was so happy to hear it start up first try! Cheers, Y'all!
  12. wysubey


    OOoh very nice! Hope whoever gets that one doesn't destroy it, that one deserves to stay original.
  13. I got a bee in my bonnet today and pulled the dash. Mouse hadn't been living in there in awhile, but was definitely evidence of past (pest) infestation. I got this nice stuff designed for sanitizing CPAP machines that has no odor and kills everything. I can't stand scented cleaning products. Worked well for clearing musty smell in my other cars system without tearing it all apart. Took the blower motor apart and cleaned all the crap from it, lubricated with 3-in-1 oil. Is there something better for old blower motors? Brushes still have a bit of life left. The AC box came apart without completely removing it & depressurizing ac system. Get all the clips from the front & sides, then there are 2 around back but there's enough room to get hands and flathead screwdriver to pop them off. Pull the drain tube, a little jimmying and the bottom comes off. Was a little trouble to get the back clips back on. Dave, where do you find the foam to restore flappy doors? What is that stuff called? Other issue I found was the fan resistor is shot. I probably bumped it with my vacuum and broke the small wires. Ordering it from rockauto now. Cheers y'all!
  14. @naru2Thanks for the service manuals! Got the Hayne's, but it's awesome to have the Subaru manuals.
  15. Hi! '94 EA82 SPFI. AC compressor comes on for a minute & blows cold, then stops. Alligator clip the compressor clutch wire to +12v it stays on! Can't believe the system still has pressure and works! Pulser is working sending AC voltage when compressor is spinning. AC relay is good. Next ideas? Wiring to the A/C amplifier? Where is the AC amplifier? Or should I just hot wire the compressor clutch through a switch on the dash?