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  1. Thanks for all the info guys, I appreciate it. It looks like I can make it work just fine with the rims I wanted to use with the right application of tires.
  2. I had Futuras recommended to me by someone, so I figured I would check them out. I have no experience with them as a brand, I've had more with brands like uniroyal or firestone though even that's limited. Is there a particular one You might recommend or just try to avoid futura? Also, my main reasoning is I feel the tires I have aren't necessary to have on at all times for my daily driving, but would be incredibly helpful in a bad snow or a long trip with some offroad travel. I'd like to keep them on hand without the need to mount them on the same rims every time I wanted to switch. Also has anyone put 2016 Forester rims on an 03? I'm not sure whether that type of wheel would work or not.
  3. Gotcha, fair enough. Sort of a trade-off to make it work. My current tires on there are 215/65/16. I was looking at a set of 245/65/17s to fit, but I imagine I would need to step one of the measurements down to make it work. I was looking at Futura Scramblers to fit on.
  4. Hey there everyone, Currently running over a few options. I purchased a Baja a few weeks back and I've been loving it. When I purchased it, it had been fitted with some fairly meaty offroad tires (See picture below) that are near brand new. While I certainly will gain use out of them, my hope was to have them more as a backup on the rims while having another set for my daily driving. Currently I was looking at 17" Futura tires, but the ones currently are 16". I was wondering what all would need to be done to make 17' wheels work, and if it as worth doing. The Baja also looked like it may have a lift kit? I was told it has new suspension, but I was not given details unfortunately. Anyone with a trained eye for it, see the pic below. Thanks for any help, really am loving my first Subaru!
  5. Thanks to everyone for the help, I was able to get the situation all taken care of.
  6. Just to close the discussion up, I was given some misinformation unfortunately. Guy at the dealership said the "traction control" was shut off, so I made the assumption he knew what he was talking about with regards to it. Turns out, what I was thinking of with traction control or at least what I was told, was not offered much until 2008. No worries, after reaching out, turns out I had a bad speed sensor in my left rear wheel. Took care of it this morning. Thanks for the help, though!
  7. Understood. The subject unfortunately was discussed only very briefly while I was at the dealership, and things weren't very specific. It doesn't feel like the ABS unit is inactive to me, nor are there any other symptoms relating to it. I believe all fuses are in place last I checked, but I'll give it a second look (I may have missed it, I wouldn't put it past me). And unfortunately my multimeter doesn't do an ABS diagnosis for Subarus. I do not know why this is one of the brands it doesn't include, but it doesn't which has made this a little more difficult.
  8. Hey there friends, I have been working to get my Baja ready to pass inspection in Maryland (Safety inspection being the focus for this topic) so I can fully register it, but one thing has eluded me so far. I was told at the dealership that the traction control was undone so it could be off-roaded and that is why the ABS light is on (For all intensive purposes, having traction control off doesn't bother me, but the light will fail my safety inspection). I was not given details on it, and was wondering where I should look on an 03' Baja to hook it back up. This is my first Subaru and I'm already loving it, but I gotta adhere to Maryland's safety laws-at least for now, ha ha. Originally the car was purchased in Delaware.
  9. Hey there everyone, New to the forum. Recently I purchased a new Pioneer Stereo to put into my '03 baja, and we've been having trouble getting it installed. After quite some time of doing wiring work as best we can to the thing, we've hit a wall and can't get power to it. we've done many different aftermarket stereo installations with no issues (even one in my Dad's '86 Brat) but we can't seem to get this one to work. We are receiving signal to the speakers: we've verified this with use of a 9v battery and some wire.We are doing this without a harness adapter and simply splicing the correct connections together (It's never been necessary to use one in the installations we've done before so we started without). I know some have said that Subarus can be more challenging as far as getting it to work in the same ways as we've gotten it to work before. We are left with the wires in the attached pictures, and have had no luck with them thus far. Any help here? I've heard of having a weak ground, could that be an issue here?