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  1. longtimeacoming

    Cold idle issues

    I have an 89 XT6 that I recently revived after years of neglect. I have fixed most of the issues that I found with it, but there is one last nagging problem that I'm having trouble with and I'm hoping someone can give me some ideas. When the car is totally cold, the idle surges for several minutes after startup, then eventually settles down to about 850 rpm. It will rev to about 1800 then drop to nearly 0 or stall altogether, then back up to 1800 and down again, gradually decreasing it's little mood swings up and down until it settles to normal, usually about the time the temp gauge starts to register. I have already replaced the CTS and pigtail, removed and cleaned the idle control (which seems to operate fine on the bench), and searched repeatedly for loose wires or vacuum leaks. I actually suspect the power supply to the ECM is at fault, because the few times the check engine light has come on, there are no codes logged when I check it, just 333 at the LED on the ECM. On top of that, the memory power for the radio isn't working either, I lose all presets when the key is turned off. It seems to me that the car is re-learning idle etc. every time I start it. I've looked at a few wiring diagrams but that doesn't help much other than giving me the wire colors, I still don't know where any connections or grounds are located. I don't know if it means anything but the green fuseable link by the battery for ECM power was fried when I bought it (which is why I got it very cheap). In other words, HELPPP!!!!
  2. longtimeacoming

    87 XT air suspension swap

    Thanks, man! The XT is on the back burner until spring, too many other projects to take care of before I get to start playing with it. Once I get into it and get a better idea of what's already been done, I'll probably have more questions. Until then, I'll keep an eye out for possible replacements. My brother's buddy has a couple Foresters that are no longer on the road, I'm sure I can use them for reference or rob parts as needed. My XT is kinda rough, so I think it's just going to be a winter beater/off road toy anyway. We'll see how it goes once I tear into it. Considering I only paid $200 for it, I've got lots of room for upgrades lol
  3. longtimeacoming

    87 XT air suspension swap

    This thread appears to be the best place for me to ask. I recently picked up an 89 XT6 that someone has already removed the air suspension from. I have no idea what the donor car was, but the rear sits about 2" higher than the front, and I'd like to raise the front to match. Can anyone tell me which of the possible front struts give the most ride height? If I can't correct it by replacing the struts, I'll be building upper mount spacers to compensate. Rather do it without that, however. Being an XT6 it already has 5-lug hubs etc. Any guidance would be helpful, thanks!
  4. New to the site, but not to Subarus. Here's the latest, 1989 XT6. Been wanting an XT since they came out. I remember seeing the commercials when I was getting my driver's license. Any other XT owners or officianado's please drop me a line, I'm sure I'll be needing advice or other knowledge somewhere along the way. Got this baby for CHEAP due to a cobbled up fuseable link on the clean battery power.