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  1. I go to Florida about every month in my 1989 Subaru GL, and this time was especially interesting. I hit 90,000 miles and I also had this happen. I was getting gas, and as I was putting the pump away, an older (90's) Dodge Ram backed right into the corner of the rear fender. Of course, the trunk didn't have a scratch on it, but my almost pristine and straight bodied Subaru took a beating. As the driver proceeded to pull away, the tow hitch of the truck smacked the bumper causing the stripping to rip off. The driver stopped as I was yelling for him to NOT hit my car, but the damage was done. I only have liability insurance on the car and I was not about to get any insurance companies involved so I may have to live with the damages. I could possibly get it repaired (I know a body guy) for around $800. I am just concerned about rust, as it already has started to show. Water also leaks into the trunk now, and I need a new taillight as it is cracked. Should I fix it or live with it? This is very frustrating.
  2. scrubaru12

    my low mileage GL

    I always wanted an XT. My aunt had one when they just came out and it was rear ended and totaled in the first year she owned. it was white
  3. scrubaru12

    my low mileage GL

    hey bud that's a nice one yourself I wish I had a wagon. I came close to buying a 1989 Camaro iroc so I also do care for the camaros especially the older ones. super sweet rides. unfortunately mine is a 2wd with the terrible 3 speed auto. I paid $2,000 for it, which looking back it does not seem like I got the best deal. but, it was a low mileage rust free GL. very hard to find in that condition. I named the car Levi because I had blue jeans on when I bought it and the interior is blue. I spent $600 on the best speakers I could find, but I am in the market for an amp and possibly 2 subs. I just want to keep the original tape deck because I still listen to all my tapes! Lol
  4. My car does this weird thing where the voltage gauge jerks up and down way above 14 volts. at night, it will jerk so quickly that my headlights are essentially flashing themselves. I thought it was a voltage regulator (which is located in the alternator?) so I replaced the alternator AND battery. Yet, I am still having this stupid problem. I am beginning to get impatient with this issue and just want to get it rectified. Can ANYONE help me?
  5. this is my 1989 Subaru GL I bought this car on November 13th 2016. it had 76,000 miles on it and I now have over 88,000 miles. I got many things fixed on the car such as a major transmission fluid leak, oil leaks (I have not fixed the head gasket leak, but it is very small), replaced belts, and alternator. I have to get a new ac compressor as well because I am sick of having no air conditioning. the summers are hellish in Georgia. I daily drive this car and when its in the shop it sucks because then I have to uber places and I hate not having my car. I am looking forward to sharing more on this website and I hope you all like my little car!