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    Hi there, I love classic Japanese cars, especially ones from the 80s. So of course I had to have the most 80's car of them all, the XT Turbo! Short term plans for her is to just clean her up but the very long term plan is a 13b rotary swap ;)
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  1. Sometime mid-Summer last year there was one for sale on CL somewhere around Chicago. It had the digital dash, sunroof and everything. Quite the rare car! The full interior was there it just had some rusty fuel lines and a trunk floor due to sitting in a barn for 20 years (if I remember right). If I had the money at the time I was going to get it and have it shipped to me but alas, I did not have $500 lol
  2. Wasn't sure if you wanted everything in one pic so I took a few from various angles. Let me know if you want something else! Model: '86 XT Turbo
  3. Dude you sound EXACTLY like the guy I bought my car off of, minus the fact that you know stuff about the platform lmao! My car is actually from Colorado and I had it shipped over here earlier this month! Not sure on a name yet but I'll have the think of one. I can't wait to take her over 200k miles (only about 500 away) then she can enter the second phase of her life haha. And yeah man I'm pumped to be apart of this old community, can't wait to show up at Subie meets and blow everybody's mind with the car they've never heard of lol. I have a friend with a spare EJ22 longblock so maybe I should just go that route lol! Of course the other day I found out the the EG33 will really easily spit flames with an exhaust sooooooo that got me convinced lmao. I agree one the production of this car, everything about it is just absolutely wild and its amazing to think that it actually made it into production! The closest thing I could think of is the Starion which is also on my to-buy list I'm DEFINITELY keeping an eye on that V8 swap some of the things the dude was saying was WILD and for the most part I agree with him. I love performance cars that keep the original feel, So aside from maybe a few small things inside, my interior is DEFINITELY staying as it is. The exterior will have some very slight modifications over time but nothing that would take away from the car. Nice wagons by the way! I would have sprung for a GL-10 wagon since I can actually get those around here but my 240 satisfies my wagon needs right now and its RWD too!
  4. So much info ahhhh! Didn't know these wheels were rare! I thought they were hubcaps actually until I took a closer look at them lol. And yeah I'd love to have a turbo rotary with the Subie tranny still attached for AWD power! I think the guy who did his had a hole cut for the carbeurator/intake no? He was using the old 12a engine I think, from the 1st gen. Idk that idea's realization won't be for quuuuite some some lol. EJ is definitely the smartest move, affordable and easy to come by, I love everything about the EG33 though! I never knew the dash was an Atari design so that's super freaking cool, makes sense too when you look at it. And good god no I don't know about an LS swapped XT. That's bloody insane I love it! I've found the problem with the XT community is how tight it is with very very few pics or videos making it to the interwebs. I bet there is a lot more activity on Facebook no? Maybe its time I finally get one. Other problem is you search Subaru XT and get the Forester XT ugggg. I have seen the TOTD meet and I'd love to go. Bit of a hike from NY though! There's a yellow XT there with a black hood that's super sexual, but I can't find any good pics of it
  5. Wow thanks for the great little writeup! I've been doing a lot of research on swapping a B series in but I don't think I can get the engine to spin backwards (Honda engines spin counterclockwise...) without spending a lot of money. I could do a K swap but then the engine cost is much higher (plus the adapters needed). So until I have enough money to rotary swap it I think I'll keep a Subaru engine in it lol! EG33 is my favorite subie engine and I know its been done before so I think that's what Ill end up doing. Theres certainly a little bit more work involved but I'll do it for that amazing sound. EJ would be the simplest (probably smartest too) and if your swap is anything to go by nowadays, pretty affordable too.
  6. I'm looking into swapping some non-subaru engine into it but I may end up going with an EJ just because of how much more simple it would be! How much did you swap cost you? If you don't mind me asking. I'm not super familiar with Subaru engines, especially when it comes to their prices lol. Yup its an '86 so you're right on the money! I got lucky with the interior, only parts I need is the trim around the radio and a new left control pod (or at least the plastic housing). My dash is basically nonexistent due to cracking but I'll get some foam and re-wrap it or something like that! Also to those that know these cars, was the sunroof an option or standard? I was amazed at how big it is on such a little car.
  7. Oh I definitely have lifter tick too, the engine practically sounds like a sewing machine lol! Reason why I'm looking into an engine swap is because I realllly don't want to keep the EA82T!
  8. Hello everybody! First time Subaru owner here. I just picked up an 1986 XT Turbo 4x4 complete with the digital dash! Aside from one patch of floor pan rust and the typical rust on the front left subframe, the underbody is pretty minty. Car is straight with the exception of some damage in the front right corner. I still need to figure out fixing the popup on that side, but I just ordered the last new passenger side fender in North America! (Sorry! ) Aside from the dashboard being mincemeat the interior is pretty mint too, not a single rip in the seats, original floor mats, fully functioning dashboard. Radio is dead but I'll take a look at it. Only major problem with the car is she has a wee bit of rod knock and she hates warm starts. She also doesn't like idling after letting off the throttle too quick. My bets are either the IAC or the coolant temp sensor. Anyway, I'm not entirely sure what I want to do with her yet but my ultimate goal is a rotary swap. However since that would be very very expensive, right now I'm heavily considering a B swap! But that's for another post . Unlike many (seemingly) of the other new XT owners, this will absolutely not be a rally car but instead a clean street car. It may be some years before the word "clean" can apply but who knows!