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  1. Both are FWD and am fine with keeping the car that way, it's just a commuter for when my Nissan is in pieces(A bi-monthly ritual it seems) I've been scouring and haven't seen much but will keep looking, probably just not looking the right areas! Sweet, that is all pretty reassuring. I wasn't aware they made 5 speeds for the EA81, pretty new to Subie's this old. I'll spend some time seeing if I can find any EA81 box's, though the EA82 box I'm looking at is tempting being 91K miles and relatively affordable Thank you both for your help!!
  2. Hi all! Recently joined the forums after picking up a 1983 FWD GL, currently waiting on parts to do a minor reseal on it. It is running and driving, just puking oil and the 3spd auto is slipping pretty badly. FleaBay currently has a low mileage 91 Loyale FWD 5 speed manual for sale at a good price that I'm considering jumping on, so I had a few questions about the swap before I invest in it •Will there be differences in axles •How heavily will the wiring need to be modified to make the 5 speed work with reverse lights, speed sensors, etc •Will any body modifications need to be done to fit the 5spd •How difficult will it be to source a clutch pedal assembly, center console, and/or axles •Any benefits to trying to source an EA81 4 speed Thank you in advance!