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    Google looking up ways to lift the subvee
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    Hunting fishing off roading anything that get me out of the house and out in the middle of nowhere or the lake
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  1. Zeekyal

    My 86 gl wagon (subvee)

    The first weekend I bought it up at the top of the mountain I go hunting to now with 6 lug 2" lift and some 27" mt tires
  2. Zeekyal

    My 86 gl wagon (subvee)

    Third party such as sorry new to this
  3. Zeekyal

    My 86 gl wagon (subvee)

    I got this 86 gl wagon for a hunting offroad rig with a 5 speed dual range and 208k miles for just $600 bone stock and running and driving just fine Over the past 4 months I've done tune up and other basic repairs and some upgrades first was 6 lug conversion to get some bigger tires to fish the hunting season then did weber 32/36 and just this past week did my own 2 inch lift with subframe drop and got some brand new 27 8.50 14 achilles desert xmt thing is a beast now love this thing Would post pics but not sure how to get pics on phone to only 2MB