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  1. Hello Im looking for ECU pinouts for 22644 AA020 made by Hitachi ,it came out of 97 legacy EJ18 OBD1 , I have searched all over the net and cant find it. what I managed to find out the hard way is that the early US legacy had and ECU that looks the same (only difference is yellow connectors) but the pinouts are not correct. I found out that ECU 22644 AA521 ,22644 AA010 , they look the same with green connectors and I think they might be correct? thanks
  2. Hello sorry to bring this post back from the dead I have been searching for a long time and cant find any where the ECU pinout for 22644 AA020 , it looks the same as 22644AA010 or 22644AA521 it has 4 green plugs please any body have the pinouts for this ECU it is out of 1997 legacy gen2 body EJ18 automatic with obd1