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  1. Yes they are identical mechanically for the most part
  2. Scoby4wd

    EA81 Dashboard Removal Help

    wow this is fantastic advice, big thanks to both of you! I feel like I will be able to get it done now. It would be amazing if my Brat had a nice dash so I am excited.
  3. Hi All, I have any 85 Brat with a blue dash thats cracked badly. Luckily, this weekend I scored an 84' Turbo wagon (badly rusted) that has a perfect blue dashboard. I am looking to swap this good dash into my Brat without destroying anything. I understand there are 3 bolts by the defroster vents and know the methods to get those. There is also one on each side underneath on the sides of the footwells. Does anyone else know what else needs to be done? I'd imagine I need to pull or drop the steering columns and remove the heater vents/speedo surround? How do I deal with all the heater and vent controls? Any other tips?? Thanks!!!
  4. Scoby4wd

    Car Alarms For Old Subes?

    Manual transmission is the best theft deterrent these days.
  5. I recently purchased an 85 Brat. One of the things wrong with it is that none of the dash board gets illuminated when you turn on the lights. Makes driving at night difficult. Gauges all work fine you just cant see them! Given, that all lights are out, I doubt the issue is a burnt out bulb. I looked in the fuse panel by the steering wheel and did not see any fuses specifically for the dash. The headlights themselves work just fine. I tried turning the brightness adjustment knob on the headlight switch but I still get no lights. Any suggestions on where to look? Are there inline fuses I am missing or perhaps a connector somewhere that is unplugged? Maybe the headlight switch is bad? Thanks
  6. Scoby4wd

    Humming from rear end

    I'm going to check that on the weekend. I hope that's it, i have the tools to press in/out the joints.
  7. Scoby4wd

    Humming from rear end

    Its not really a whining noise. Its more like a very low hum. Sounds kind of like a straight cut gear mesh.
  8. Scoby4wd

    Humming from rear end

    CV axles look fine. I agree its probably wheel bearings I am just surprised because ever bad bearing I have had has made more of a griniding noise and mostly when turning.
  9. Scoby4wd

    oem parts 80s

    I am interested if they are for sale
  10. On my 83 Wagon (4wd, auto) I noticed a humming from the rear end that changes with speed. I pulled the drums off each side and cleaned them up, bearings looked ok and didnt make any obvious noises. Brake shoes were in great shape as well. As I said, the hum changes with speed. It does not change by turning or by pressing or releasing the throttle. I changed the gear oil in the rear end and maybe it is a little quieter but I could be imaging it. This normal?
  11. Scoby4wd

    Auto trans - no kickdown

    Turns out the floormat was in the way of the pedal traveling far enough to touch the microswitch. kickdown works fine now. Glad it was an easy fix. Wouldnt have found that if I didnt know the microswitch was on the pedal assembly so thanks.
  12. Scoby4wd

    Auto trans - no kickdown

    thanks alot I will check thath
  13. this is exaclty what I did on saturday. worked like a charm. I put a little grease on the axle before starting.
  14. Scoby4wd

    '84 struts

    sorry just saw you said fwd. the ones I bought were 4wd.
  15. Scoby4wd

    '84 struts

    You can buy right from Subaru for around $100. I ordered a set two weeks ago and they hit my door step about a week later.