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  1. Scoby4wd

    A/C question

    So I can confirm the compressor is cycling when set to heat. Does anyone have a wiring diagram of this system? I couldn't find any type of controller anywhere, unless it is part of the dash controls.
  2. Scoby4wd

    A/C question

    Ok, so maybe my system is running normally. Ill have to let the heat run for an extended period to see if it is actually cylicng the compressor. thanks for the info!
  3. I have a question about the factory Subaru dealer installed A/c on my 86 Brat. When I initially brought her home, the blower did not run. To fix, all I did was clean the contacts on the fuse and relay that is attached to a bracket on the passenger strut tower. It is definitely the genuine Subaru system and not an aftermarket setup. While I was testing, I noticed that no matter what setting I had the control slider set to, whether it be heat or a/c, the a/c compressor always kicked on. I dont think this is normal. Does anyone have any suggestions to troubleshoot?
  4. I just ordered a set of those caps from Subaru.
  5. In high school I had an 89 DL Coupe 2wd auto that had been rear ended badly and repaired poorly by me. Since I only paid $50 for the car I used to beat it mercilessly. Once, I was pushing a train of shopping cars through a parking lot at high speed and rammed them hard into a dumpster. Another time I was pushing a cart which somehow rolled and wedged under my right front fender ripping it out. Another time I was rallying down a dirt construction road and hit a big ditch. The floor board in the back dented up and we hit the cieling in the car we hit so hard. When I hit the gas it wasnt moving, but then I looked down and it had popped into neutral. I put it in D and off we went. Eventlly the hub splines stripped out and I junked it, but the damn car ran great with only 78k miles.
  6. Scoby4wd

    My new Brat

    I definetely will. On another note I saw an old post that said you have some jump seats for sale. They wouldnt still happen to be for sale, would they? Thanks!
  7. does anyone have a how to for removing the dash? Specifically, I just want to remove the soft dash top from my 86 Brat and replace with one I have in my Hatch which is in better shape.
  8. Scoby4wd

    My new Brat

    Did not know about either of those shows, I usually go to Bear Mountain and the small car show near Home Depot in brewster on Friday nights. Ill have to check those out.
  9. Scoby4wd

    My new Brat

    Yep its the factory bumper, with the little 5mph cushions removed. US had different bumpers than Australia.
  10. Scoby4wd

    My new Brat

    Thanks guys The seal replacement wasnt difficult. Removed the radiator fan and the skid plate. To take off the crank pulley, I got a breaker bar with a pipe on it and braced it against the ground, unhooked the coil wire and blipped the starter. The nut unscrewed by hand at this point and the pulley comes right off. Used a universal seal puller to remove the old seal and then carefully worked in the new seal by hand using a large socket to keep it straight. While I was in there I pulled the oil pump too.
  11. Scoby4wd

    My new Brat

    Thanks alot guys. I thought it was a steal, I paid $6k for it. Paint is definitely original and I dont doubt the mileage at all given the condition. The targa stripe is in rough shape, I am debating replacing it. Not sure if this is a good idea or not. I see a nice repro is available.
  12. Scoby4wd

    My new Brat

    Thanks. Im not sure where the build sheet was originally, it was given to me already framed. I'm pretty grateful to have it, I think its a really cool piece.
  13. Hey guys, Joined about a month ago after having bought an EA81 hatch. Because of my rekindled love of old Subaru's I joined some facebook groups and happened to find this 86 Brat for sale. I've basically wanted to own a Brat forever, so I couldnt resist. So far I have resealed the oil pump and installed a new front crank seal, fixed the fan blower motor, installed a new dist cap and rotor, and put the original wheels back on with new trim rings. Planning to do the oil pan and valve cover gaskets maybe this weekend. I'd like to add jump seats at some point but otherwise Ill keep it stock. I have the original window sticker which is pretty cool. It has no rot and almost no rust, which is amazing since its always been in VA and PA. Interior is original and in excellent shape. Paint is original too. Only has 80k on the odo and runs great. Gets alot of attention and someone already offered to buy it, but Im keeping it.
  14. Are the center caps actually blue or is that just like a protective sticker over the emblem?
  15. Thanks I didnt realize I could just buy a standard set, wasnt sure if it was subaru specific.