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  1. I just run them. Cant see the gouges under the rings
  2. Scoby4wd

    Intake Manifold Bolts

    I just went through this. I managed to pull them all without breaking them. The key was to loosen them like a 1/8-1/4 turn at most, just enough so that you create the slightest gap between the head of the bolt and the manifold. I did this by very slowly and light working them back and forth until I could get that slight gap. Then I sprayed CRC Freeze Off, waited a minute or two, and started working it again. Repeated this a couple of times and they all came out no issues.
  3. Scoby4wd

    Is this EA82T head junk?

    I decided to run it. The person who sold me the heads (longtime subaru guy) said the car they came from ran fine and didnt loose any coolant so he thinks they are fine as well. Luckily, the old heads do not appear to be cracked other than the normal one between the valve seats, I will probably get those done in order to have a spare set.
  4. Scoby4wd

    Is this EA82T head junk?

    its odd. This "crack" is oriented toward the cam side of the head. I dont see any coolant passages in that area, and the shop says they pressure tested it. Not really sure what to think.
  5. So I had this EA82T head redone by a machine shop. Just took a close look at it before installing, I noticed this (circled in red) in the exhaust port, looks like a crack but I am no expert in this area. Is this the spot where they normally crack? I put this pic out on a Subaru FB group, some said crack others said casting mark. What do the experts here think?
  6. Scoby4wd

    Ball Joint Question

    Yeah I have one. Its works well, already did 4 joints on EA82 cars with it.
  7. Scoby4wd

    Ball Joint Question

    thanks Ive ordered some ball joints then
  8. I have a Brat with bad ball joints. I looked on rock auto and all the ball joints listed are the same part numbers for the EA82 cars. I read that the ball joints are different from EA81 to EA82, so I was just wondering what people on this board had to say about it? Is there a different sournce for ball joints or a part number we know works on EA81 cars. Thanks
  9. Scoby4wd

    '86' GL Front Struts

    Here are some pics for reference....
  10. Scoby4wd

    '86' GL Front Struts

    It includes the lower perch. I bought a set recently.
  11. Scoby4wd

    Sway bar end link bushings

    Dude, that's it. Thank you! Had been trying to figure this out for a while.
  12. Scoby4wd

    '86' GL Front Struts

    You can buy OEM 4wd struts right from Subaru. $100/each.
  13. Thanks for the advice. I've had good luck resealing tail lights on the 3 doors but in this case it didnt seem to be tail lights. I will check the window seals and trim.
  14. I had a problem where my starter would just click sometimes and not start. Ended up installing a 12v relay to the starter signal wire then pulling power off the batter and sending that to the starter via the relay. Fixed my issue.