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  1. Update: FerGloyale's assessment was correct. The 'lo' filament (i.e. the brake lights) on the bulbs were indeed out and I now have new bulbs in and everything in working order. I am honestly very angry with the Subaru dealership in Salem...I asked them at least twice about it after I got pulled over the first time, and was told by the "handler" that takes your money that the tech reported that everything checked out. So basically I went without tail lights for at least a YEAR! Needless to say I will no longer be using their service department.
  2. Hi, I have a question for anyone who owns/has owned a 2015 Impreza or other model that has the same tail light configuration. My tail lights do not appear to be located directly in the back of the car, but rather more off to the side. These appear to be different from the brake lights, which are directly in the back. As a result, my tail lights have never shown up very well (I've had this car almost 3 years now), and I have now been pulled over twice and told that my tail lights were out-the lates one bing tonight. The officer even asked me to drive home with my hazard lights on, adding the annoyance. I asked my dealership about it after I got pulled over the first time and they just said all lights were working properly, but now that I've been pulled over a second time I'm officially skeptical. Note that I have reviewed my owner's manual and scoured the internet for information on this and have turned up nothing. Has anyone else had this problem? If someone can help confirm where the tail lights should be (and again, I'm referring to the tail lights and not the brake lights) it would be very helpful. I can't keep getting pulled over for this!
  3. Yay Oregon! I'm in Independence (outside Salem). I have owned my Impreza since 2016.
  4. Subaru Impreza owner since 2016.