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  1. I think ive seen your project on youtube, really nice mods!
  2. First time broke the rear end bar on the left side where control arms fasten and left wheel was all tilted, welded it up. Second time broke right control arm and the wheel broke off and also broke the rightaxle. Got new control arm and reinforced it with steel bars. Last time broke the rear end bar on the right side and right wheel was heavily tiled.
  3. Cut the car to pieces, kept the drivedrain. Made a little tribute video to my good times with my Subaru: Won't be any more updates in this thread, it can be closed! My plan is to use the drivedrain and build a tube chassis car, i will be making new thread once ive made some progress.
  4. Thank you all for quality information! I am currently in progress of stripping down my car, taking out the drivetrain and cutting up the body to scrap (its super rusted and ive broken rear end 3 times so far, always wanted to build a tube chassis car). I got to finish up another project and then i can start working on the tube chassis and suspension, engine mods won't probably happen until winter time, but i will be making a new build thread once ive made some progress.
  5. I am doing a research before buying parts for custom project. I plan on building custom intakes for dual carb setup (independent carb for each head), i was thinking about getting MPFI heads for better flow but the heads that are available to me have no valvetrain, i was wondering if carb single intake port heads valvetrain(cam, lifters...) fit on MPFI dual port heads? MPFI heads compression ratio comes from different pistons not head clearence? I was wondering how much can i shave down the head without running into clereance issues.
  6. Its the end of an era! Broke the rear end again, can't be breaking any more axles they are hard enough to find. I guess ill be ditching the body in summer, taking the drivedrain and building tube chassis. I could build a custom rear end but frame is so rotten there is nowhere to weld, and ditching the weight of a body and building a buggy type frame has been always a dream of mine.
  7. Thats a sweet car, can't wait to see more! Can you maybe click a pic from engine bay next?
  8. Been having no grip on snow with these tires, tried out snow chains for the first time of my life. Having amazing grip on roads, not so much in snowy fields.
  9. Thank you all for feedback. Build thread is here: I have pretty much achieved anything i want with this car, body is shot and rusty, rear end is weak, already broken it once, power steering cant handle big wheels and i cant get any more power out of ea82. I have dreamed of ditching the body and building this drivedrain on a tube chassis but at this point i think it would be wiser to build it on some newer style subaru with ej22 and turbo, also it will be easier to find axles.
  10. I posted this link into my build thread but it probably gets no attention there. I made a short video of me ripping around in my hobby built loyale. Car is no professional race car neither am i rally driver. I just built it for fun and i like driving around in my country side place.
  11. https://youtu.be/M9rRhDmOnN4
  12. After using wider and bigger wheels (6 lug swap) my power steering is constantly puking and sweating(I drive it really hard in dirt, constant 4-5k RPM). Recently a power steering pulley broke in half, it was tricky to weld but i managed to fix it up. Today power steering pulley sheered off these small grooves that keep it from spinning around the shaft. I have trouble finding new power steering pulley. Does anyone know if any other power steering unit is easy to fit on EA82 engine? Any power steering from newer Subarus? Is there some place i can buy a new pulley? Any experience from not running a power steering on Loyale?
  13. Looking good! Whats up with the muffin tray?
  14. Car is back together, runs like a top. 12 degrees ignition advance, pulling decent vacuum, not so stable but still works good. Installed accuspark rev limiter Video of a short rip down the field, lost power steering pulley.
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