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  1. I posted this in that "other" Subaru forum but I thought I'd seek some second (or third) opinions. I'm in the midst of a head gasket job and I've been ordering a lot of parts, both OEM and aftermarket. I ordered my OEM parts online via parts.subaru.com, which was processed by a local dealer. The dealer sat on the order for a couple days and now I can't do the work I had planned this weekend. The following weekend I can't work on the car so the dealer's inaction set me back two weeks. Anyway, I'm wondering if there are online OEM sources that respond quickly to orders. Sources closer to the upper left corner of the lower 48 would be preferred to minimize shipping time. Any recommendations would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  2. Hi guys! I am starting a recall for LGT owners from 05-06 who has a catted up-pipe. The up-pipe for the legacy GT in these given years has a catalytic converter in there and after a certain mileage, the debris of the catalytic converter breaking down would shoot back into the turbocharger. that would cause the turbo failure and stall the vehicle unexpectedly. the catalytic converter in the up-pipe does not have any indication of % of wear and most non-car enthusiasts would not know what the issue is caused by except for an expensive turbo replacement and up-pipe replacements. https://scrabblewordfinder.vip/ Most of the owners of these issues turn over to catless up-pipe but that would cause the check engine light coming on and over boosting or the engine run rich, further damaging the engine. This can be dangerous if a person is on a road trip and having a long drive as it directly impacts the drivability of the vehicle. Subaru has recognized the issue and therefore 07+ turbo models all have a catless up-pipe with the ecu tuned to that specification. https://www.applock.ooo/ I believe it is not fair for 05-06 legacy GT owners to have to suffer from such a critical issue without some sort of compensation or recall. https://www.7zip.vip/ If any of you guys have suffered from this issue and hope NHTSA can issue a recall and make our up-pipe catless and possibly a new turbo! Please report this complain! The NHTSA ID Number: 11204499 Thank you for your time