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  1. Hey thanks guys, the radiator was replaced because I started seeing bubbles in my over flow tank sonic figured because it was the original rad , that they might be blockage. I was afraid that it might be a head gasket issue. How difficult is it to replace without taking the engine out of the car?
  2. Hello everyone. I have an 07 outback. It has about 124,000 miles on it , bought it last year. I replaced the radiator recently now I'm experiencing a fluctuating temp gauge , the radiator pushes the coolant into the reservoir tank and then the heater blows cool air. The thermostat is new from Subaru. I can't figure it out , I am assuming there is air in the system but I have no clue how to solve this issue ..please an help is appreciated .
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    Hi everyone, I'm Alex. I just joined the forum and I live in Yonkers NY. I have a 2007 Subaru outback.