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  1. Miggysmalls

    87 gl wagon everything dead

    What did you do to resolve this?
  2. Miggysmalls

    87 gl wagon everything dead

    When I have a little time I going to do a thorough wire check. But how can you explain it running and driving and dash working doing just fine on a hotwire start, but the ignition with the key cylinder removed wont get do anything. Its unbelievable to me.
  3. So i lost my spare key the other day, it was the last one i had left and was out in the woods so we had some mcgyvering to. Got it hot wired under the hood but the steering wheel lock still works so straight was our only option. We tear the steering column apart (its a gambler style car not worried about breaking things) to get the key cylinder out, that was easy, got the car started, great, got home. Next day went to start it, no choke on it cuz of weber carb, so i was warming it up.... it died, went to start up again dash light and heater/radio all the auxiliaries came on turned it over and they all faded out. no power nothing, checked battery cables just fine, fuseable links on coil are fine (maybe the hotwiring fubard it). Heres what strange to me while trying to figure out wtf is goin on we hotwired it under the hood again and it starts up runs drives, power to everything dash/radio/etc. turned it off, no power to anything with key switch still. Checked all fuses checked voltage of harness under steering wheel, 12v, I am out of ideas, and leads? is there are relay or something im missing that went out? please heeeeeelp meeeeeh. Thanks!
  4. Miggysmalls

    Suspension improvements for Subaru Loyale

    I did this mod and the front suspension for 200 bucks. Everything worked perfectly as you said except the rear springs (honda accord part). I had to cut 1 and a quarter turns off the coils because i couldnt get them compressed enough to fit on. I did use the monroe shocks because i couldnt get the kyb's. The shock rod seemed to be a little shorter on the part i got compared to the picture you posted. Regardless, i am very please, thanks! Still have to make the spacers for the front. After Before