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  1. My outback is saying misfire on cylinder 3 & 4. Shop says try unplugging MAF sensor while acting up, and that will tell me if that's the problem. Can't find it for the life of me. They sell MAF sensors for this year, but I see in various forums that there is no MAF sensor in this model. Please help. I've found the MAP sensor. I also replaced plugs and wires. Going to replace coil pack next.
  2. I did take that out and put back while looking for the MAF. Could I have done something wrong when putting it back?
  3. Yep, finally got the long, convoluted method to work. It’s 31, throttle sensor?
  4. Well, got the cylinder 3&4 misfire gone. Cleaned the PCV valve. But now, flashing AT oil temp light. I had unplugged all the sensors around where I was told the MAF was, looking for it. Cleaned the connections with electrical connector cleaning spray and plugged back in. Now the flashing light that won’t quit. Flashes once per second. No CEL.
  5. My post says I replaced the plugs and wires.
  6. 162xxx, I've had it for a few months. Bought used. Unknown maintenance. Looks pretty well taken care of
  7. I have a 2004 outback base model.