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  1. IFlyS5

    Two Tone Paint Jobs!

    Yes, bed liner bottom and getting ready for a fresh repaint within the year.
  2. IFlyS5

    Trim restorer

    Glossed them up a little. I think I could’ve done a better job scrubbing them first (looks like old wax build up). Definitely an improvement though.
  3. IFlyS5

    Trim restorer

    It’s not a dye—which I didn’t want since a lot of my interior bits are gray. It’s a clear gel.
  4. Slowly working on detailing Sheila after getting her last month. Overall, pretty clean car, but I want to get her really clean all over before I start with the upgrades. I had some super faded plastic inside. I cleaned it with CarGuys Super Cleaner (life-changing stuff), then went over it with this trim restorer from Trinova. It looks amazing. (we’ll see how long it lasts) Thought I’d post up in case some of you guys had some similar interior fading and wanted to check it out.
  5. IFlyS5

    Wheel fitment question

    Thanks for the reply! They’re gonna be beautiful when get em all cleaned up. Now for hunting down center caps...
  6. Question: do all 4x140 Subie wheels fit the 90s Loyales? I was chatting with a fellow a while back about older gen DL/GL wheels not fitting newer Loyales due to brake clearance, etc. Being I have zero experience here, I thought I’d ask the experts. Ive got a lead on a sweet set of 13” “H” style wheels (from and ‘85 I believe.) Any known issues fitting these on my ‘90 Loyale Wagon? Also, anyone know where to score 2 matching center caps?
  7. She’s beautiful! Nice find.
  8. 30th birthday presents for the old girl: 1. Roof basket 2. new door trim 3. Got rid of the cataracts in her right eye I also washed her and waxed what little clear coat remains for good measure.
  9. I haven’t had a lot of hills or mountains with the Loyale yet, but she seems more than capable around town. She has survived the Capital Beltway at speeds of 65mph...twice! I had a 1987 Mk2 Golf that was a lot scarier to drive at speed. And then the one time that the VW’s hood flew up and smashed against the windshield on I-95 at 60mph. Good times.
  10. Thanks for all this info! The car (according to Carfax) was originally a Colorado car. I expect she got here to DC and wasn’t needed as much — driving here sucks, to say the least. Thanks again for all the pointers. I hadn’t heard of the strut issue yet & will check them out for sure.
  11. IFlyS5

    Junkyard bits..

    They came out of a 1992 Loyale, but there’s no telling where they came from originally. They’re stamped with “Subaru of America” on the rear.
  12. Today’s junkyard find: OEM all-weather floor mats from a 1992 Loyale and the original toolkit. Mine was missing these bits. Got a bunch of other odds and ends. As I found em on top, a bit cleaned up on the bottom.
  13. She was definitely clean! Driven an average of 4,500 miles per year since she came off the line. Plan is to keep her as close to stock as possible, but that’s always what I say when I get a new project...(but it never lasts)
  14. Good day everyone. Picked up a 1990 Loyale wagon over the weekend. She's in amazingly good shape (no rust, tons of service records) & I'm so looking forward to building a long-term relationship with her. My first Subaru, coming from the world of Volkswagens and looking to get into something new. Found this site after searching for answers to some common problems and fixes in older Subarus. So many of you have helped me already, even before I signed up! Cheers!