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  1. It is a 91 legacy yes the solenoid is in the removable section of the tail. so I unplugged the tcu from transmission at the back of the motor and still no torque bind.
  2. I was testing according to these. The tcu was connected. I believe they are from the full service manual? If they are not correct how do I test it? I have two weeks to get the all wheel drive fixed before my trip and it’s either replace the solenoid with the solenoid out of a used transmission or replace the whole transmission and rear differential.
  3. I’m getting the duty solenoid c error from the power light flashing on the dash. When I test it at the tcu I get the correct resistance it no voltage.i get voltage at the 2wd fuse. Would this be an issue with the tcu and not the duty solenoid c?
  4. Ok that’s more work than I want to do. Too bad it would have been cool. Thanks
  5. Will an ej22 out of a 91 legacy fit into a 91 justy? Will it just drop in and bolt up to the justy transmission? How much of the electronics will have to be changed Ecuador, control modules and such?
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