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  1. Other useful information.. the same dealership forgot to put my oil cap back on after a routine oil change (a few oil changes ago), completely emptying my oil and needing steam cleaned.. They emailed me photos after I said I wanted to decline, with the following response: On Thu, Jul 11, 2019, 2:32 PM JOE wrote:
  2. Hello All -- I have a 2013 Impreza Sport 98K miles. My subie is currently at the dealership in Ohio for the engine valve spring recall and of course they find something major for my free service. The wheel bearing and rotor I believe need attention because i hear a quiet rubbing noise while driving, but the timing cover and cam carrier reseal caught me off guard? My car has never leaked visible oil. I just had my Subaru mechanic do my 90K mile service in March and this wasn't seen. Do the prices quoted below seem fair? I'm not seeing any leaks on my practically white driveway, is there really an issue? PASSENGER REAR WHEEL BEARING - $377.69 ( NOISY/WORN) REAR ROTOR RESURFACE - $165.00 ( RUSTED/ NOISY) TIMING COVER & CAM CARRIER COVER RESEAL - $923.95 (LEAKING OIL) NOTE: LABOR SAVINGS OF $550.00 IF DONE W/ RECALL Any help is appreciated Thank you!!