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  1. Hey everyone, I have a 91 legacy ej22 that I swapped into my 82 brat and I am working through some issues of fuel in the oil. I am not sure if I crossed some vacuum lines and that is the issue, does anyone have a diagram of the vacuum lines for a 91 legacy L 5spd? I can only find ej22T diagrams online. Thank you!!
  2. Thanks for the insight. I am going to take a look at the vacuum lines to see if I routed a line incorrectly and that is causing it... but if that doesn't work then I will have to modernize it I think. I appreciate all the help throughout this process, I have definitely learned a lot from you and the others here!
  3. Hey Chux, I got one of those test lights and I tried the ports on the ECU and I could not get a light to pop up unfortunately. Do you think I need to explore getting an aftermarket ECU?
  4. Hey guys... So this weekend I was able to work on it again. Inline pressure was at like 30-31 and stayed there constantly. Once I turned the car off, it would drop to 10psi in about 10 mins, but then stay at 10psi for over an hour. I disconnected the MAF and it started up better than before and died after a little with no throttle. I would give it some gas and it actually would run and idle fine. So idk if it's the MAF but I figured I would order one and can always return it. Chux- That is reassuring that the fuel setup is not complete garbage lol. Also I did spray started fluid around the vacuum lines and didn't see a jump at idle which is good. I don't have any way to look at the error codes, it was not an OBD2 and when installing the ECU and harness I really didn't know what I was going and I think I may have cut out the double diode, or whatever else can be used to see error codes. Big rookie mistake I know, kicking myself for that one. Even if I had the complete harness, could I still see codes without the gauge cluster? Thanks guys!!
  5. Hey guys, Sorry for the lack of updates, I've just gone through a move and haven't had time to look at the brat recently. In July, I took the car to a show, with the current problems. I was able to drive it there with fuel in the oil, and on the way back it died on me in the middle of the drive after feeling like it lost vacuum pressure. It would jerk and sputter and limped the last little bit home. Since then I am able to start the car, and drive it around the neighborhood. When I park it, and leave it for a bit it will struggle to turn over. I can maybe get it to turn over 1-2 more times that day before it doesn't turn over. I hooked up a pressure gauge on the inline side and one on the return side. The return side was sitting at 0 psi and the inline side was about 30. It dropped pretty quickly after the car shut off too. As of now, I have new a new coil pack, fuel injectors (tested for flow), fuel pressure regulator, new inline side fuel lines, and I am using the old inline side fuel line as the return line. I take the little line off the FPR and it doesnt really smell like fuel but I can look again. Step-a-toe, where exactly would you put the hard acrylic line on the FPR? Would it be that really tiny line that goes from one barb to another on the FPR, or after it closer to the intake manifold? Also someone at the car meet recommended me showing how my fuel system is set up so here is how it set up. I took the return line and put it on a brass T with the line from the tank and going to pump. The return line barb on the gas tank was so small I couldn't get a hose to reduce down from the 5/16 lines to size https://ibb.co/f44gmdw Please let me know if I need to put up a new link Thanks for hanging with me on all this, I am hoping this can get fixed soon. I should have a weekend coming up to mess with the car since i live over an hour away from it. Ionstorm that would be dope if you ever swing down, I would love a second opinion on the car and maybe i am overlooking something big. I'll for sure hook it up with some good local brews if that is what you're into
  6. Hey guys, I just wanted to post a little update, I still am going to try a few things more but here is what I did so far: New fuel lines New FPR Remanufactured injectors- tested them as well ----------- This weekend I did what you suggested, Numbchux, I basically wired in the relay for the fuel pump and it works, you can hear it prime when I turn the key a bit and then will hold off until the car cranks. I took the plugs out and they were pretty black, I cranked it with the plugs out and the fuel pump disconnected and there wasn't any fuel shooting out. Changed the plugs and the oil, and same thing happened. I started it fine, then 30 mins later it struggled, then another 30 mins it wouldn't turn over. Tried an hour later, wouldn't start, then I took that little tube off the back of the FPR. There was no fuel in it, it smelled like fuel though. I am not sure if that was too long after running for me to look but I can. Not sure if that was even the right tube to look at but I will look more the next chance I get. Also working on getting a noid light to check the injectors. I think that is everything so far, does it seems like I am missing a piece to the puzzle still? I appreciate all the help you guys are awesome and I couldn't do it without you!! Thanks!
  7. Alright guys I haven't had a chance to do anything yet but I just wanted to reply and answer some questions... Ionstorm: I will try the FPR method. Also not sure what the EVAP system would be, but that black emissions canister that goes with the engine I have left off and the lines that it hooked on to are open. Didn't think that was an issue, but I can try capping those lines and/or putting the canister in. Would that make a difference? The injectors are new rebuilt injectors that I took and got them tested and they are not leaking. Numbchx: Yeah when my friend came to look at it he was like seriously dude? There is no way that's gonna work lol. I have a brass tee that I was going to put on so I will try that out when the return has a tee fitting that hooks up to the intake side and the line from the tank. The ECU does not control the pump, I have the pump wire to the electronics so when I turn the key to run the lights and whatever the pump turns on (and rad fan). If I want I can run the fuel pump for however long before turning on the engine. Lucky Texan: I will do this when I get the chance next. Do you guys think it may be my ECU or am I missing something? I was thinking of going to standalone but I was unsure of that route so trying to remedy this would be my first option. Also this is a phase one ej22 so no OBD II, I am not 100% on how to pull codes for it, especially since I cut out the double diode when shortening the harness on accident. I still have it and can solder it back if needed. Thank you guys you are the only thing keeping me sane through all of this! I will try out some tests in the next couple weekends and let you know!
  8. Ok guys I know it has been awhile sorry for the late response. I don't live in the same city as my BRAT so getting to work on it is not the easiest thing. So I replaced the FPR and ran new fuel lines. The new lines were ran directly to the tank so they bypassed all the old lines. At first it wasn't starting and I had someone over and looked at it and saw my adaptive tubing to get from 5/16" ID hose to the small size that fits on the return of the tank (I think its 3/16'" ID but I may be wrong). The pic is what I had and my friend said I am for sure choking the return so what we did was take that off, and run the return directly in a jerry can, thinking that would serve us for testing purposed. The car turned over and ran fine so I changed the oil and filter again and it was awesome. It took a crank or two to start but it ran pretty well. Come a week after with the the return still in the jerry can, it no longer turns over. Oil smells like fuel again and I can't get it to turn over to see the pressure. Any ideas or did what I do sound completely unreasonable in terms of trying to get it to work? I really don't know where to go from here, but would having the return like that really do anything bad? Thanks for helping me along this journey. Been unable to drive the car since December and I am hoping to get it driving again soon if I can. Cheers!
  9. Hey guys, Sorry for the late response. I got new lines put in and the car doesn't turn over so I am currently troubleshooting what is going on. I will post again when I get it running and I'm able to get some readings. Thanks for the help!
  10. Hey guys, Good point, the filter should be an EFI filter then. Thanks for the replies. I have learned a lot from your responses. I was able to find the Carter fuel pump and Chux, it is 21gph for the free flow and 43psi for the pressure: https://carter.opticatonline.com/part/bcqs-0-carter-p74028?ctx_pt=6256&ctx_p=8&ctx_iam=1 I hooked up the gauges and got some readings and here is what I found... Cold start return side: Fuel pump running before engine turns on: 19 psi Engine Idle @ 800 rpms: 30psi Engine off: 0 psi, dropped here immediately Waited 15 minutes and did return side again: Fuel pump running before engine on: 20psi at 2500 rpms: 36 psi Idle: 30psi Engine off: 0 psi dropped immediately Waited 10 mins and hooked up feed side: Fuel pump running before engine on: 36psi idle: 36-38psi @ 2500 rpms: 38-40psi engine off: 26psi after 10 mins: 16psi after 20 mins: 10psi after 40 mins: 6 psi Do these numbers seem okay? I wasn't sure if that gradual drop on the intake side should be immediate or not. If it would help I can bypass the inlets and return and just run some temp high pressure fuel lines for the intake and return sides back to the fuel pump and the tank and change the oil. Then after running I could see if the newer fuel lines would allow fuel to flow back more freely. I also haven't changed any of the parts like I said before hand yet just for studious purposes. Thanks for the help!! I really appreciate you guys sticking around and giving me all this good advice!!
  11. Hey everyone thanks for the replies! I am gonna address all of them in this reply. Freddo- I actually do not have an EFI rated filter, just a newer legacy filter. That is something I will look into getting now. It is hard to start cold and hot, but more so when hot. What is happening is that I have been fighting this problem, I would change a part or something and then after I would change the oil and oil filter (fuel would come out of the drain, and a good amount too). So for instance we put the injectors on with new seals and changed the oil, it was tough to start it and after I drove it for a bit I parked it, smelled the oil, and it smelled like fuel. When it shuts off not sure if the injectors are still running, any clue how to check that other than just a circuit tester that lights up? Texan- I can replace the temp sensor and the Fuel pressure regulator is in the mail so I will do that too. I will also looking in the vacuum lines. car freak- I am not sure, I completed the swap over a year ago and it was running fine for about 6-7 months before this issue started to occur. However the first day that I put new injectors on and changed the oil it ran so good I had never heard it like that before. That is what made me think it was just the injectors. But by the end of that day, it was getting fuel in the oil again and I have been fighting it since. Numbchux- No codes, don't have and OBDII and running on the stock ECU. I would say its running rich, you can definitely tell. This is the fuel pump I am running: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0015RC4MY/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Looks to be about 55-60 psi which I think is a bit higher than the ea81 lol! I have a fuel pressure gauge that I can see what its reading on the inlet and return. I have no doubt that could be attributed to what is going on. Thank you all for the reply, I am going to accumulate the parts over the next few weeks. I am going to replace the engine temp sensor, the fuel pressure regulator, put an EFI filter on, check the vacuum lines, check the pressure in the lines, and see what else can be done and provide an update. Thanks a bunch seriously it feels good to have a direction to go after all this troubleshooting. I really appreciate all the help!
  12. Hello all, I have an 82 brat with a 91 Legacy L 2.2 EJ and 5psd that I swapped into it. I have been fighting this problem going on 3+ months now and I am not sure what I did/didn't do, really could use some insight. I am getting fuel in my oil and can't figure out why. I have replaced the fuel injectors with rebuilt ones, and got them tested so I know they are good. I have a fuel pressure regulator for the ej in the mail so will do that when it gets here, same with the PCV valve. When I swapped the EJ in, I put an in line Carter fuel pump. Was there some sort of check valve that was in the legacy tank that kept fuel from coming back in from the return side once the car shuts off? I really don't know how fuel keeps getting back in but I am going crazy and spending a lot of $ on oil and filters every time I swap it lol! Thanks for looking and any insight would be appreciated.
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