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  1. bratboy1

    EJ22 wiring harness question

    Okay man thanks! Hey... did you write that conversion manual? If so thanks man that is the best damn piece of literature I have ever read!
  2. bratboy1

    EJ22 wiring harness question

    What would be a case where you need the wire but not the connector?
  3. Hello everyone! I am a newbie when it comes to this so I just wanted to clarify before I do something dumb lol! I am swapping a '91 Legacy EJ22 engine and 5 speed in my '82 brat. I have the wiring harness stripped of the tape and shielding. For reducing the harness, am I just finding stuff I don't need and cutting off the connector, then taking the wires and following them back as far as possible and cutting them off? I just want to be sure before I do anything drastic. Also, I can run two different harnesses, the preexisting one in the brat in addition to the new one correct? With the EJ22 harness I wasn't planning on having the lights and stuff included since I have them already hooked up on the old harness. Thanks for the help! I appreciate it! Cheers
  4. Hello everyone! I am redoing my clutch on my 1991 Subaru Legacy fwd and this is the kit I bought: https://www.carid.com/sachs/clutch-kit-mpn-kf738-01.html?singleid=1711581778?utm_source=email&utm_medium=order&utm_campaign=order_notification_mail The new throwout bearing is just ever so slightly to small for the sleeve that it sits on, like maybe just 1mm or so. I am not sure if they changed the sleeve mid year or something, but I cannot for the life of me find somewhere that will sell the sleeve. Does anyone know about the size difference or where I can get a sleeve? I was thinking about getting the sleeve lathed down a little to make it fit if all else fails but I hope not lol! Thank you for any help!
  5. bratboy1

    EJ to EA axles

    Do you have any tips or tricks to put the EJ inners on the EA shafts? Or do they really fit easily? Thanks mate!
  6. bratboy1

    EJ to EA axles

    I am planning on doing 5 stud in the future, was going to get the adaptors from https://www.sjrlift.com they seem to be popular. Cheers!
  7. bratboy1

    EJ to EA axles

    To be honest I had no clue you could put the EJ inners on the brat axles! Can you ask him about how he did that? Thanks!
  8. Hey everyone! I am doing a EJ22 engine and transmission swap on my 82 brat. People who have done this before, what are my options when it comes to front axles? I know the EJ axles are to long (came from a 1991 legacy), and the spline count is different. Is there anyone who makes and sells custom ones with the EA male end, EJ female end and the right length? If not what are my options? I'm just concerned with the front axles for now. Also the engine and trans are not in yet still figuring that part out, thats why I was unsure of the length. Thank you so much I appreciate i!
  9. bratboy1

    Help with EJ22 swap

    Thanks for the help everyone! I think I am going to preserve the 4 speed and keep the old engine and 4 speed together for future endeavors and in the mean time keep looking for the right tranny for the job. Thanks for the input! Cheers
  10. Hey everyone! I am swapping an EJ22 in my 1982 Brat GL and when I looked under my donor car (1991 Legacy) I realized that it was not all wheel drive (dumb mistake). I have decided to go with swapping the EJ22 engine and adapting it to the 4 speed transmission from my donor car. I thought this was an okay swap, but someone has told me that "the ej22 will burn through that 4 speed trans." I am apprehensive because I don't want to blow that transmission, but I also can't really afford another car/transmission/engine. Should I go through with the ej22 and 4 speed?