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  1. Hey everyone I just had a quick question... I have a 1991 ej22 from a Subaru legacy L in the United States. There is an opportunity for me to buy a 2.5RS Impreza transmission from 99-01 with the transmission code of TY754VCAAB. Will this Transmission bolt up and work for my engine? I know I will have to fabricate the shift linkage and transmission mount and drive shaft etc, but I was just more concerned if this works out. Also would I need to mess with the ECU at all? Thanks
  2. The stock legacy shifter mechanism.... the linkage is just cut down a bit and I just welded a bracket to mount it on
  3. Hey Bennie, This drive train is in a 82 brat.... already hacked to bits and welded in all sort of ways lol Thanks!
  4. Hey everyone, My 1991 Legacy L 5MT is pretty sloppy with the gears and I replaced all the bushings and they are still not the greatest. I have been wanting to get a short shift kit for awhile now but can't find any for a first gen legacy! If anyone has used one can you drop me a link or refer me to somewhere that sells them? Thanks a bunch! I appreciate it!
  5. bratboy1

    Car Cover links

    I ended up going with this one: https://www.carcover.com/silver-shield-3l-car-cover-for-subaru-brat-1982-regular-cab-pickup-2-door-short-bed.html Thanks for the help though! I wanted to do the canvas route but I am in a bit of a time crunch so wouldn't be able to get it waterproofed in time. But I think the one should do the job, I will let you guys know how it fits (which was my main concern).
  6. bratboy1

    Car Cover links

  7. Hey everyone! For the interim my 82 brat will need to be stored outside in the sun for a few months and I would like to get a decent car cover for it... however there are not a lot of vendors online that sell brat car covers lol. I got a generic "small" car one before and it was trash, has anyone bought a good one that fits properly that they can drop me a link to? Thanks a bunch!!
  8. bratboy1

    EA to EJ temp question

    Thanks for all the help!!
  9. Hey everyone! Just got my 91 2.2L Legacy engine running in my 82 brat and it moves under its own power now! I just need to weld the exhaust in and finish up a bit more with the wiring to complete it! For those who have done the swap, how can I go about putting in a temperature gauge? Im not sure about a digital one or if there is any way to make it work with the brat gauge cluster. If I go digital should I run it off the harness or do something else? Also for the speedometer and tachometer I know I can use some unused wires in the brat and legacy VSS (USA) but does anyone have a picture of how they wired it? Also is there any calibration or anything needed to line them up? Tried putting the brat speedo cable in the legacy 5MT but no dice lol... If I have left any info out or used weird lingo please let me know I would appreciate it! Thanks for the help!
  10. Yes we got it! Haven't checked it yet but will do. Thank you!
  11. Yes using the ECU and wiring harness from the 91
  12. Hey everyone... I am in the final stages of my swap, only thing left is the electric hookup. We have got everything we can think of hooked up. ECU had power for both standby and ignition, fuel pump turns on, but not spark when it turns over. Also have bypassed the clutch switch inhibitor. Is there something specific needed to hook up to enable the coil packs? Anything else that we can test? Cant think of what is limiting this at the moment. I suspect that it is something simple, any insight would be greatly appreciated!! Thank you! Engine is from a 91 legacy into an 82 brat.
  13. Hey everyone I am currently swapping an Ej 22 from a 91 legacy in my brat. I got a new phone and lost my pics. Is anyone able to identify the 3 lines in the pics I have attached? I appreciate it thank you! I'm in the US btw.
  14. bratboy1

    EA to Ej gauge cluster

    Ok thanks! And yeah I am running a pre-OBD II EJ so I appreciate it!