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  1. If you have clothes and shoes on you are not grounded to the vehicle. Basically, AC voltage is a combination of increasing and decreasing, plus and minus DC voltages at a certain frequency. So is RF, but at a higher frequency.
  2. When using a volt meter to test one end of a wire that is open, or has a very high resistance at the other end, touching the probe with your finger will cause voltage from your body to show on the meter. How much voltage depends on how much static your body has built up and how sensitive the meter is. Also, extra long leads on the meter can pick up stray RF signals from numerous sources and display voltage that is not really there.
  3. I have no experience with API parts. Moog had good parts in the past, but now I don't know. Look up the struts HERE and compare prices. They list them with springs and top mount and without. The only Gabriel I have used are Hijacker Air Shocks on the rear of my pickups, 75 Lincoln Mark IV and 70 Matador.
  4. For struts I only use KYB. Short story on cheap struts. About 5 years ago, the coil spring on the left front strut broke on our second 95 RHD Legacy Wagon. I pulled the strut from our 93 parts wagon and put it on the 95. Both front struts on the 93 had been replaced by the PO with cheap aftermarket ones. They were not very old, I could still read the part numbers on them. About 2 weeks later, when my wife got home from the mail route she said the steering wheel was pulling real hard to the left. I found that the perch on the strut that the coil spring sits on had bent down and was rubbing on the tire. It had worn through the steel cords on the fairly new tire. I am really glad she made it home. I swapped the spring to the original strut and put in back on the 95.
  5. Yes. Alternators are rebuilt because of bad bearings, brushes, regulators or diodes. If the one at the dealer only had the brushes, bearings and or diodes replaced and still has the OE regulator, it will be a good one. If the regulator was replaced with an aftermarket one, then it is questionable of longevity of the proper charge voltage.
  6. Hook the volt meter to the Pos. 12 volt side of the coil. When you ground the Neg. terminal of the coil, does the 12 volts stay or drop?
  7. Our 95 had a broken carbon brush that rides on the slip rings. It would charge fine at an idle, but would quit charging at higher RPMs. I think that was due to vibrations. Check the voltage at an idle and at higher RPMs. It should stay at 13.8 volts with headlights on or off. The alternator has a built in voltage regulator that can also cause the non charging problem. And it, or leaky diodes can also drain the battery. I have seen several aftermarket reman alternators output over 20 volts and that causes a lot of problems and repairs.
  8. Excellent info above. A Gates timing belt broke in 2 months. A reman water pump leaked out the weep hole 2 days after I installed it. I put the old one back in. I have seen the ball bearings fall out of the cheaper idler pulleys.
  9. If you are hearing the hiss when you first loosen the bolt (when the bolt head breaks its seal to the head), I would say your assumption is correct. There is a volume of air between the shank of the bolt and the the bolt hole in the head.
  10. Probably vacuum. I have heard it too when removing bolts that still had oil on the threads.
  11. I used to repair pinball machines and jukeboxes. My first computer was a Timex Sinclair T1000. Google it. I gave it to one of my nephews when I got an 8086. I still have a 5X86 that will boot Windows 3.11 (16 bit) or 95 second edition (32 bit). I also have on old Xerox pc that uses 8 inch floppy disks with a dot matrix printer. My 8086 and 8088's are gone. If the disks are still readable, I have IBM DOS and OS/2 on floppy disks. I also have Microsoft DOS and Windows 2, 3 and 3.11 install disks and a copy of 1.
  12. I have actually found toast and toys in VHS and 8-track players. They go in a ziplock bag and returned to the customer.
  13. Febreze makes my eyes water and makes me sneeze. I'd pass on them too.
  14. If the engine dies while driving and no codes, knock sensor. But, it usually starts right up. Fuel filter?
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