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  1. found out what the clunking is. on the rear differential the brace/mount bushings are trashed causing it to move up and slam back down. would it be better to pull the same part off of another car or just to replace the bushings themselves? considering i barely have garage space let alone a press... any help is welcomed. thanks! 1996 Legacy Outback
  2. 1996 Legacy Outback 2.2 5spd, clunking when accel/decel/shifting. sounds like its coming from the rear but I have heard that it also may be the center diff... makes a whirring/whining noise while driving. any ideas what this may be or whats causing it and possible solutions are greatly appreciated. Mileage: 196,694
  3. So the 401 is my rear differential makes a whining noise when brought up to speeds around 20 mph. it also likes to "clunk" at times. The whine I understand would logically come from bad diff fluid, or lack thereof. would pulling a differential off another legacy outback of the same year be a route to go if I don't want to risk draining and replacing fluid to find out its trashed? I would love to hear some opinions!!
  4. So I have a 1996 Legacy Outback, and it definitely needs to go lower. I have not seen a specific set of coilovers or springs made, probably because the rear load is different. any points in the right direction would be awesome!