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  1. Lol God I hope not. So far everything's been good, if I ever get to the point where it's recommended to zip tie hose, I'm buying Kings that day. Ridiculous that's the recommended fix
  2. I'll be sticking Subaru's no matter what going forward. Been a great car and I'll keep in mind Kings for the next go around. Unfortunately the Ralliteks are installed and wouldn't want to replace brand new suspension after a few months :/ Have you put on any Ralliteks for your clients? Or any clients requested? Would've loved to been able to ride both setups before actually purchasing but what can ya do. Definitely appreciate the feedback though.
  3. Thanks guys. I did originally look at the King Springs and talking with a few of the sellers, I opted for the Ralliteks for a bit of a smoother ride. Feedback received was the Kings were more stuff and the Ralliteks were inbetween stock and Kings. Haven't run into knocking with Ralliteks yet, knock on wood. Hindsight 20/20 I should've gone with the Kings from ADF. I came across ADF a little late in the game unfortunately. Got pics of the OBS?
  4. I apologize if there is another thread related to this. If there is, point me to it and I'll be on my way. Basically, this is where I'm at. I have a 2009 Impreza 2.5i. Rear Setup RalliTEK 1" Rear Raised Springs & KYB Excel-G Struts plus 3/4" Spacers Get-Primitive Sub Frame Spacer Kit Front Setup RalliTEK 1" Front Raised Springs & KYB Excel-G Struts plus 1/2" Front Lift Kit Spacers Mevotech Control Arms with Whiteline Anti-Lift Kit I had ordered the sub frame spacer kit to align the rear tires center in the wheel well but appears after the suspension settled, the tires have gone back to their original position. My question is, what do I need to center the rear tires to the wheel well? Trailing arm spacers?
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