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  1. Bought a used 99 Outback about a year ago. Daily driven for a few months all was good. One day brake pedal got really soft. Would go to the floor but car would still stop. Changed master cylinder out with one from 97 Outback that was previous daily driver, bled all four corners all was good for about 2 weeks. Pedal goes to floor again with no warning, this time no brakes at all. Now I have no fluid coming out bleeders. Front drivers side just barely dribbles fluid out, front passenger side has nothing. Not made it to rear yet, can't get all four off ground at the same time. Figured no point until i at least get fluid coming out fronts. Booster seems to be fine. With switch off it has pressure and pedal drops when car is started. However, when switch is off pedal will push almost to floor with some effort. When car is running, pumping pedal results in what sounds like air leaking on both the in and out stroke. Sounds like when you breathe in and out with your teeth clinched. But can't find anywhere this could be coming from. Could be normal I don't know. Could both master cylinders be bad? Could ABS pump be bad? I did pull fuse at one point and it made no difference. No signs of a leak anywhere that I can see. I also, took vacuum hose with check valve off 97 and put on this one with again no difference. Trying to keep from throwing money at it all willy nilly or doing a lot of double work by stripping parts off 97 to just try. Any help from you experts would be greatly, greatly appreciated.
  2. My apologies for the long delay I have been working all the time. Update, replaced front calipers previously mentioned, master cylinder, booster, and abs module off 97 parts car that had good brakes when parked back in spring. Still no pedal. Broke down and bought new master cylinder bench bled it, bled all four wheels, and bled at abs pump. Still not right, does stop and is drivable but not right. When first touching pedal it feels like it is going to stop, can feel it in pedal and in car “motion” then pedal continues to collapse, for lack of better words. At this point car does stop but you better not bow up in front of me you will get hit as brakes just lock up when applied hard. Still no sign of a leak. Is there a relay to change? Every car I ever had with abs had a relay in the box under the hood this one does not. Is there one somewhere else? Is there a solenoid of sorts that controls everything? Feels like it wants to work but something is happening to the signal being sent when braking.
  3. Sorry for the delay been working and can only work on car on weekends. So today I replaced both front calipers (gut feelin) and bled all four. Still no pedal. I do have fluid coming out all four wheels now just no pressure on the pedal. Thank you again for all your help. Also, no signs of a leak anywhere on the undercarriage. Not at gas tank nor anywhere else. With probably 1000 pumps of the pedal the last 3 weekends One would think I would see fluid somewhere.
  4. First time fluid level stayed the same. This last time it had went down just a dab maybe 1/4" if that but no signs of fluid anywhere underneath car. Would this fluid be running off the side of the tank where I can see it, or is just one of those Subaru things you know is there? Also, I read somewhere, on here I think, that a caliper could be letting air escape somehow. Is there any way to test for this leak or a possible leaky caliper. All y'alls assistance and input is greatly appreciated I'm just trying to keep from throwing money at it. Although new calipers wouldn't hurt nothing I guess.