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  1. DanielsHardLoyale

    Check engine light help

    Thanks wysubey and DaveT for the help. Found the flashing red light. It was only flashing quickly 6 times. I disconnected the green "test mode" clips and connected the white "read clips". Seems to be correct. It then displayed 3 long flashes and 4 short. Code 34? EGR? Time to do some more reading
  2. Hi all! Just recently purchased a 1993 Subaru Loyale Wagon from a single owner. The beautiful green box is a 5 speed manual (which is very new to me). I have only had 3 hours of seat time, but have already fallen in love with the car. There is currently a check engine light on and I cannot figure out how to the check codes! I have done a moderate amount of searching to find out that the diagnostic connectors are green and on the drivers side in the engine bay. When I plug those green connectors together the check engine light goes away and does not flash. I was under the impression the light would start flashing at me. I have only done moderate car work on 2005 saturn ions. So I am new to most mechanical endeavors, but cant wait to put some blood, sweat and tears into this ea82. Im sure this is some simple issue, but my mind is all over the place. This OBD1 business makes my head hurt Also I was wondering if anyone could tell me some average idle RPMs for the 1993 loyale manual transmission. It was stable around 1k the first week I drove it but sometimes sticks closer to 500. Thanks!! Sorry if this is readily available information.