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  1. .•°}{°•.Jįhąbąrų.•°}{°•.

    1998 Subaru Legacy Outback

    Didnt Want to ask to many things at once. But as for the Tags- My FWD Light Is On. Which Indicates(?), A Problem With The Rear Differential? - Sensors, Mechanical, Fried.... ?
  2. Hello. So, I Just Bought, A 98' Subi Leg. Outback. 165k Miles. Black Ext., Black Leather Int., Pwr W/D, Heated Seats, So On. So To Start Off... I've Owned, 4 Old Gen Subis, 1.8L', First Time Owning The 2.5 DOHC... Purchased it in Portland, Or. Drove it to Salem, Or. No Issues. Drove To Work Next 4 Days, Which Is Only 12m Hwy Majority. It Puts Out Heat, Drives Smooth, Until The Last Mile, Into Work. (Roll Up Steaming!) Climbs, And Stays. Other Times, It Climbs- Burps- Drops- Repeat. The Oil Was Like Vegetable Oil. Visc. Chattering Lifters, And Just No Good. Figured That May Be AN issue with it overheating. Solved That. I Am Leaning Towards Head Gasket(?) Or/and Bad Thermostat(?) Currently Stuck At Rest Stop On I-5 And I Cant Even Get Heat, Out Of Heater. Water In, Boils Out, (Or Gets Pushed Out?) I Was Supposed to Be At Work, In 5 Hrs. Which Ain't Happening. Any Info, Ideas, Quick Fixes, Etc? --Oh-- And Radiator Top Neck Spout, Broke So, Neck Is Only About, 3/4" Long. Fighting Getting A Tight Connection With No Blazing Steam... Thanks, And Hope For Some Advice/Good News! Lol
  3. .•°}{°•.Jįhąbąrų.•°}{°•.

    88' EA82 Transmission Compatible With 83' Ea81??

    Hello, I Had Finally Worked Out All The Bugs With My 83' Subaru GL Wagon, D/R 4x4. - Previous Posting About It Falling On Its Face... The Other Day, Was Driving It And It Was Acting, As It Was Before, When My Fuel Filters Were Clogged. In Turn, I Was Heading To Get New Ones. I Had Turned Around, Headed Back Home. While Depressing My Clutch Pedal, I Heard A "Pop" Sound. Figured It Was My Cable. Inspecting Cable All Good, Minus The Slight Fraying Right At The Pedal. Checked Hill Holder Cable, Fine Too. - I Had Partial Clutch. Went into Gears, To Then Grinding Into Gears, To 1500' From My Driveway, At A 4-Way Intersection, No Gears At All. Whether The Car Is Running, Or Not, I Can't Get It Into Either 4-Gears, Or Reverse. I Am Leaving Tomorrow Morning, Moving To Oregon. Have To Leave Subi Behind. Just So Happens An, 88' Transmission Dual-Range For Sale Near By, $150 obo. -- Is It Compatible With My 83'? CV-Shafts, Bellhousing, Clutch, Etc.? Can I Just Drop Mine, Install This One No Modding? Thanks For Any/All Input!
  4. .•°}{°•.Jįhąbąrų.•°}{°•.

    Subaru Falls On Its Face, Upon Acceleration.

    True, So Very True! I Swear There Are Things Missing, Improper, Or/and It Really Just Leads Back Down To The Disty... heh I Am Currently, Working On Obtaining Another Subaru. There Are Two, I'm Looking At. 91' Loyal, And An 84' GL. Both Have Miner Issues. So Depending On How It Goes... Planning To Do A Cross Exam. Or Make One Work! Lol $400 For 91', and Offered My, Stihl MS-311 Chainsaw For Trade, For The 84'...
  5. .•°}{°•.Jįhąbąrų.•°}{°•.

    Subaru Falls On Its Face, Upon Acceleration.

    Thanks, For The Info. Well, I Kinda Finally Lost My Sh** With This Car. Exhausted To Much Money, Into it. I Had Believed To Have FINALLY. Got It All Situated... After Replacing The Plug Wires, Cap, Situating The Disty, And Then Running Seafoam Through It... Started Up Just Fine, Ran WAY Better, More Smooth, and Quieter. - This Time Around, Without Ever Once Having Issues With Charging... No Matter What I Did, No Lights, Charge Light On, and Cas Soon Failed Everything I Accomplished... TBH? I Swear To God, Somebody Is Toying With It. (Frriends, Enemy, Neighbor? Pulling A Prank, Long Story.... ) -- (Before Adjusting Disty) I Noticed The Distributor Cap Wobbling, While It Was Running. After Situating, It Wasnt Anymore.
  6. .•°}{°•.Jįhąbąrų.•°}{°•.

    Subaru Falls On Its Face, Upon Acceleration.

    Hello, I Have Searched These Forums, Numerous Times, For Numerous Issues. First Time Actually, Posting... I Have Owned 2 Subaru EA82's, And My Very First Was, A EA82T. I Have Traveled Many Miles, 4x4 Trails, Dirt Bike Trails, Cross Country, and Only Let Down A Few Times, EVER! Only, Have Had The Luxury Of Lifting One, To In Turn, See Her Go Under Ridiculous Circumstances.. Have Learned Enough With These Beasts, I Can Proudly And Confidently Say, I Can Work On Them Blind Folded! (For The Most Part, Obviously...) Anyways, Just Bought Myself A 1983 (11/82) Subaru GL Wagon, EA81, Has The 1.6L(?), 4-Spd, Dual-Range 4WD. $400 Drove It Home, Here N There, To Now Barely At All. (Over Tinkering/Diagnosing, Chasing My Tail!) Anyways, I Believe I Have Narrowed It Down To The Distributor... I Can Start The Car, Runs All Day, Full To Empty. It Goes Up And Down In RPM's, Smoothly. At Times I Can Go A Mile, Down The Road With No Issues, To 200 Ft. Where It Then, Falls Completely On It's Face... It Will Act As If It's, "Starving For Fuel" or Being "Choked Out" - I Have To Let It Die, And Then Start It Back Up, No Porblem. Just To Gamble Distance, and Repeat Again.... I Have Downloaded, Studied, And Seen Every Video To Everything Related To "Symptoms.." (To The Best Of My Knowledge...) Everyone I Have Asked For Help, or Their 2-Cents- I Might As Well, Just Asked The Car Itself! 1: Have Gone Over, and Through, Every Vacuum Front To Back. Looked At 20 Different Diagrams, For Multiple Years, (Trying To See Similarities..) 2: YES! I Have Checked, Flushed, Replaced, & Re-Checked- Fuel Pump, Fuel Filter, Fuel Vapor Emis. Crap, Fuel & Water Seperator, Side Glass On Carb. Itself, and Carb/Choke Cleaner (Tomorrow Is My #1 - SeaFoam Cleanse!) Even Ran My Own Wire From The Fuel Pump Conn. To Ign. System (Did Toggle Too...) 3: I Have Inspected, The Entire Harness From The Tailights/Trailer Plug, To The Headlights! Under The Carpet, Etc. For Janked Up Wiring. (One, Which I Replaced And Is Now My, " Fuel-Pump' Hot Wire.. Blue/Red Line.) ------‐------ As For My Determination, For "Disty.." - A: I Get Periodical Spasm/Surging(?) Activity, Through RPM' Gauge. (Wire In Wrong Spot? Vacuum Adv. Failure/Premature? Disty Play?) B: I Can Literally Hear & Feel, The Distributor Making "Noise" As The RPM Gauge Fluxuates In Seizure. - I've Adv./Retarded, New Rotor, And Checked Wire Conn. Order- Tis' Correct. -------------------- As Anyone & Everyone's Awesome, Amazing, and Reliefs Of SUCCESS!' Comments (Hopefully) Appear... I Am Doing: (Waiting On Arrival 10am For - *Wires, And Cap*) New Plugs, Wires, Cap, Rotor, Oil Change, Air Cleaner, And SEAFOAM* (I Periodically Run Premium Fuel, Anyways..) Sorry, For Alot, Thanks For Any/All Input, Info, 2-Cents, Laughs, Diss'es, Whatever... lol
  7. .•°}{°•.Jįhąbąrų.•°}{°•.

    Bipolar EA81

    These Topics Are So Old! But, The Exact Issue I Am Having. The Tachometer, "Surging¿" wth Causes That? On That Note, I Can Hear The Distributor Making, Almost Like A Grinding/Surging Noise?! Been At This For 2 Weeks Straight! REALLY NEED HELP! lol