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  1. Hey guys! You all have been super helpful throught out my swap.1990 Ej22 into a 82 brat Tonight I was finally able to attempt a start and low and behold it will start. The problem is it won't run for any amount of time after I let off the ignition. All the vacuum hoses are hooked up well. I'm thinking possibly my wiring still. Any other ideas??
  2. Alright guys finally came back to the wiring harness as it is what is holding me back from the swap from ea to ej. No one mentioned the sensor that is not attached to the engine but to the body of the legacy. Any way more on that at a later post. Today my issue is trying to understand what to do with these two wire coming from the ecu saying they are the select monitor signal. B56 pin 8 and 7 what do I do with these!?!?!?!
  3. Hey guys so the engine and tranny are finally in the brat. Ej22 Ea82 D/R 5 speed 4 inch lift. ADF adaptor plate. I am having a minor issue I could use guidance on. The tranny I got was minus a shift lever, and I'm unsure as to how it assembles and I cannot find a diagram. Also the same with the D/R selector. I figure once I see how it assembles I can figure out how to extend what I need to accommodate the lift. Help would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you for a real answer! Any chance you can snap some pics of a Haynes showing the way thelinkages bolt together??? Jdmfiles leaves only the drivetrain parts out of the ea82 manual
  5. I dont have any parts im looking for pictures of how the shift linkages hook up like a fsm scan of the transmission and linkages as the only parts are the rod that runs parrarel to the trans and moves the gears inside the trans
  6. Hey guys I am in the process of my build and I need to get bolts for the adaptor plate. Has anyone used an adf adapter plate. And if so what length bolts did you get?
  7. I have my harness mostly stripped. But there is a wire that goes seemingly no where but is great shielded. Any idea what it is it runs from the smj to the harness that is attached to the engine. Smj pins: L6, L5, L4
  8. Skubaskott

    Ej22 swap: Added wiring diagrams

    Hey I know this is a zombie thread now but is pertinent to my predicament. I'm worried about how to properly ground my swap. I have cut out a lot of stuff and that included many wires I assume to be grounds. How can I be sure I properly ground this harness!?
  9. There is no connection between this shielded wire and the ecu. Even though the wire has a connector that connects to the harness running under the intake manifold
  10. I have an 82 brat. Originally I was going to swap the carb to fuel injected. I've done it and drove it round the block a few times. But now it won't start. Pretty sure its trouble with the disty. I have decided to scrap that. I just picked up a 90 legacy with 160000 on it for 400 bucks. It runs and drives fine but overheats I need to change the water pump. My goal is to strip the legacy of parts to swap into my brat. My brat will soon have a 4 inch lift kit. I would like to use a 5spd Dr in this swap, but I keep getting conflicting thoughts on this. I can get the adapter plate no problem. Questions: 1. What will I need to do, other than the adapter plate, to make the 5SPD DR work in the brat with the ej22. 2. How can I use the powersteering from the EJ. 3. What do I need to do to retain the AC from the EJ. The brat is ready equipped for ac but it was not installed. I know these things have been gone over and over. I have the write up for the EJ swap from @numbchux but I need more info and I want to help get updated info out there When I have all the parts together and I begin this process. I will be doing a write up and also possibly make a YouTube series on this process from start to finish. So any help would be appreciated so we can get the info out to people who are interested in doing this .
  11. That's where my confusion was!
  12. Ok thank you for the clarification!
  13. MY? What are you talking about MY.
  14. Skubaskott

    EJ22 wiring harness question

    I am looking for this manual but I can't seem to find it. Anyone got a link???
  15. I have an 82 brat I am swapping to Fuel injection using @GeneralDisorder guide. The return line under the intake is 3/16 hose and try as I might I can't figure out how to adapt it to fuel injection hose as FI does not come that small. And the return line from Throttle body is like 5/16. Ideas? Also the throttle cable does not reach the throttle. What have you guys who have done these swaps done in order to fix these issues.
  16. I have figured out if I give power from the battery straight to the coil. Everything works. Though the fuel pump im thinking is shooting to much fuel like it's not shutting off at all. The brat will start and idle for about 2 seconds before dieing unless I give it Gas.
  17. I have an 82 brat I am swapping to Fuel injection using @GeneralDisorder guide. I have everything in place and wired up. My issues are as follows. I am only getting 6 volts at the coil. And I'm not getting any spark. My fuel pump works. But only shoots fuel when it is hard wired. It won't turn on in test mode. Nor when I crank it I don't think. The ecu blinks at me when my key is in on which is a good thing I think And the engine turns over. I have looked and read, then looked and read, then looked and read again through the guide and my harness and I really believe I have everything hooked up correctly. Minus the neutral switch and cel wire. Any any any help would be Uber appreciated!!!
  18. The conversion uses the donor harness. Donor disty. Donor coil. Donor ecu. Donor fuel pump. Everything from the donor car is powered through the donor car ecu.
  19. I am almost done with the swap but I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do with the coolant hose.
  20. The only wire I have with the swa The only wire I have with the swap that could run through the brat fuse box and the harness is the tach wire.
  21. Doe stage brat tach wire run through that fuse
  22. Does the brat tach wire run through that fuse?
  23. I get zero when I remove the neg side. I'm getting 12 at what I bielve is the fuse
  24. Wires removed from coil neg I get zero voltage.