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  1. Good info. My uncle got this new Outback project with intermittent fan issue and blown the fuse twice in a month. I'll just finish installing the brake pad and continental tires on the current Wrangler project and we'll start working on the Outback. He said the fans are still working but it might better to just replace them.
  2. Grennick

    Hello From WI!

    Sounds like a nice Forester. Share some pics when you can.
  3. Grennick

    Hello From WI!

    Welcome to the forums! What Subaru rig do you got?
  4. Grennick

    Hello from sunny Florida

    Welcome aboard! Getting another one should twice the fun! Good luck
  5. Grennick

    2008 STI with a few mods

    Howdy! How's your rig now?
  6. Grennick

    07 forester xt

    Sounds like more great plans ahead. Good luck and have fun
  7. Grennick

    07 forester xt

    That's one precious car man, great job on bringing her back to life!
  8. Grennick

    1984 brat build

    Sounds like a fun project! You may try to host the photos at other photo sharing site and share the link here.
  9. Grennick

    1978 BRAT restoration project

    That looks like a nice find! Enjoy
  10. Grennick


    Howdy fellow new member! Looking at an Outback myself as well.
  11. Grennick

    New to Subaru

    Thank you, Sparkyboy! Gaining some good knowledge around here.
  12. Hey, all! I've been searching for some info about this 2012 Outback I'm looking at and leads me here. Thought to sign up to read further and probably ask some questions. Seems like a great community here.
  13. Grennick

    Hello from the far South

    That looks like a fun and challenging project! Enjoy