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  1. Gotcha. What a pain in the rump roast trying to find one with a reasonably "low" amount of miles....
  2. Trying to find a replacement trans. Does anyone know if the transmission from a 1988 gl (dual range, AWD) will work in a 1988 gl (dual range FWD)? My assumption is no. THanks
  3. Found a bolt that went through a small slotted hole holding up the linkage. I was able to loosen bolt and get about 1/8th inch movement of entire linkage assembly. Everything shifts as it should now! Time to go jump it.
  4. Ok. Fairly certain something is good ng on with linkage. I slammed the 4wd selector lever down hard in FWD and the noise went away and I was able to grab gears no problem. After a few minutes noise came back. But I don't see any way to adjust linkage....
  5. Just an attempt to be more clear. It grinds when in FWD and not gears seem to engage (1st-5th). In 4 hi there is no grinding but will not grab any gears (1st-5th). In 4low there is no grinding and it grabs gears (my wheels spin and spin faster as I move up gears). this is all being done on a lift.
  6. 1988 GL , 1.8 Ok. Put in a new clutch, spark plugs, cap, rotors, pads, front CV axles and lower ball joints. Have car on a lift. When I start the car in neutral (manual trans) and it’s in FWD there is a hellaciously weird sound, almost sounds like grinding to me and when I grab gears axels are not spinning. When I shift into 4-hi the sound goes away ( although when I put it in 1st gear etc no axels spin). When I shift into 4-lo the hellacious sound is still gone and when I grab gears all axels/wheels spin. none of this was happening before. Car drove great other than third gear slipping hence the clutch job. I’m really at a loss here.
  7. Rock Auto was great to use! Thanks guys. I ended up ordering these parts: http://www.rockauto.com/?carcode=1268513&parttype=13824 http://www.rockauto.com/?carcode=1268513&parttype=1993
  8. Thanks guys. I will take a look at napa and use 1990 loyal. Does anyone know the wheel width for stock wheels? I see there is one retailer that makes the 4x140 15inch wheels but they make various widths (It is listed in a thread here). Any idea what 15x_ would work?
  9. Recently bought a 1988 GL Suby. I was looking up font brake kits (rotor, caliper, pads) and I started seeing rotors being suggested from summit racing that had slightly different brake rotor bolt patterns. Anyone have any website or kits they have used that worked and they would recommend. Also looking for a complete clutch kit (pilot bearing, alignment tool, throw out bearing etc) and would appreciate any recommendation. The summit racing offerings did not have a pilot bearing. Last but not least, I would SURE like to find some wheels. Would like to find some a 15 or 14inch wheel with the proper spacing (I really dont want to punch a stud or redrill). And no, I have not found any pugot wheels! Looking forward to my project!
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