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  1. the safest method I have for oil pump removal is to split the cases
  2. if it happens again .... when priming rebuilds, I do it from where the filter spins on. Not the centre hole, the other one, I shove clear pvc hose in it and a funnel. Pour oil down until it stops. It reduces chance of an air lock that I have had before.
  3. a fella in the UK was producing solid GRP "copies" that would do the job and need some sort of finish of your choice to make look closer to original than nothing
  4. The problem in the past was the CD players where mostly (with one exception I saw) were too deep to install in the console. To get around this thicker face plates extended the unit forward towards gear shifting knuckles, or cut out the air vent ducting behind and put the rear of the player into the air (and dust) stream. These days it is mech less as my audiophile fiend calls them - radio without CD player, but with USB / BT and plug in input aux. I have a three year old Pioneer mechless I installed that would do most people. What has improved it 200% was to plug into the aux jack , a digital DAB radio by Richter DR10 I think it is, the size of a box of matches. It is rechargeable, has a speaker and headphones. So I run it just on the passenger floor, head phone socket has an extension ala antennae cord run up and over the rear view mirror and down into aux socket -awesome
  5. if you ground the wire that you think should go to the simple switch, IGN on, engine off, you should get a red oil light come on the dash
  6. I agree with Bennie, it may have been a known system that was very adaptable and reliable in the day it happened. I think the GM Holden Camira system was using a system called MEMCAL and being GM likely had US or Euro source. I think the MEMCAL could be accessed on a computer and reprogrammed. The Camaro stuff might be similar
  7. down under we can be pretty sure that the brand is not the manufacturer unless the name on the package is also stamped into the product and there is often no telling where item is made until you have ordered and received item and unwrapped. Lately, I have been getting stuff from Rock that is not dusty old stock in faded or rotting packaging but newly packaged, made in China - and I am not sure, I don't think I find out country of origin until I have confirmed the order - or maybe not until received. Some of the Chinese stuff is in well known brands to Rock customers too. I am running a Chinese made water pump on EA82 - certainly better than the one that came out I got an economy level timing belt kit for EA82 that came as made in Korea. The belts were stamped made in usa, None of the bearings in the other items were brothers and sisters. I think two were made in Korea, and recall one bearing was made in Japan.
  8. do your models with oil pressure gauge also have oil pressure warning light? I have seen someone say they won't work together, but I have that on EA82, and seen factory diagrams of both oil gauge and oil sender connected at different points on oil pump. My after market gauge sender failed, and I don't miss it scaring me saying low oil pressure. The oil pressure light will still light up just after an oil change, then go out. Oil light may be a late notifier of something amiss, but at least it still works
  9. You, of all people should have known better to check and or swap/replace while doing a comp test before even posting ! But, this forum is a good thinking out loud space
  10. never had problems with any of their brands on these sort of items, yet they are not always the cheapest despite what people say. Their listings can also have some bum steers and you sometimes really need to fully research each part right back to the main supplier. I got caught recently with a tricky item listing and the further I went into the return of it, it got worse, so, effing ouch ! If you end up ordering, don't forget to use a discount code in their order page field "how did you hear about us" I found all you need to do is google search a currrent discount code. I find these on forums such as the Ranger forum easily (if you don't have one of your own. Since my experience, I am only recommending their discount code
  11. The part in the pic above has a bracket that does brake line for left and right
  12. agreed, something is happening. I still daily my 89 Brumby with EA82 drivetrain, parks next to the 87.5 Vortex. Am working on helping a Euro out with some EA81 heads. He was quoted 800 euro for a pair of take them as you get them used heads !!
  13. that number is a fits both left and right part. I think earlier numbers were handed. It might be six years since i ordered these from my local dealer. I would not take $1500 for the pair, now that they are like gold
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