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  1. The beauty about the 3AT is its lack of electrical bits to deal with. And an engine from an auto suffers less in the thrust bearings in the crank Dept compared to a manual. I coulda swore someone did a leak seal additive for auto trans and power steering??? Where's it gonna leak? Rear seal Front seal(s) Pan gasket vacuum modulator on the side? selector shaft seal no need to go buy another car unless it is a donor you can test drive the desired parts first every automatic I have owned has been converted to manual. Never been unreliable, never broken and I have never on-sold except for scrap so I see them as worthless, so should many others The secret to the longevity of the EAs is their under powered nature
  2. Step-a-toe

    Rear CV Axles

    Don't use CV in association with rear in search because only our fronts use a CV joint on the outer to allow for steering- unless you have four wheel steer ?? Double offset joint DOJ inner on fronts, both ends on rear Time for me to check locally as some have said rear shafts are available through nationwide parts supplier
  3. Step-a-toe

    Ignition timing help

    Going on twelve months here.... Crude I know, if you can physically hold throttle by hand, against its throttle stop and still have its idle crazy it won't be the throttle plate adjustment. It almost needs to be fast idle control circuit or a device within it Or EGR make a block off plate for diagnostic needs. I had wicked idle and performance issues until I blocked off then replaced MPFi EGR Or brake vacuum booster is another source for a fast idle air control ..comes under vacuum leak suggestion Get some caps to blank off all possible vacuum leaks to inlet manifold only while not driving it of course Vacuum leaks don't really often? cause big idle rev differences with smooth idle, more rough idle
  4. Step-a-toe

    Rebuilt Loyale dash clock

    Nice presentation of your adaptation. I went through three or four and gave Up. Mounted my 0-5V gauge instead to monitor knock sensor, only for the sun to buckle it's screen
  5. Step-a-toe

    ECU BLOWN? Cranks but no power?

    You mean you failed to tell us you hooked up pump fuel lines in reverse order?? 50/50 chance of getting right There is probably a person out of a job fitting big red arrow stickers on pumps because the bosses felt it was an unnecessary cost ! You are not the first or last to need another's input to help you realise you stuffed up. Now you need to enter Rockauto repair mistakes and blunders monthly competition
  6. Step-a-toe

    Cranks and wont start

    Yep. Start with new thread, new descriptive title The "mechanic" impressed owner worked it out?
  7. Step-a-toe

    4/87 XT Vortex hi beam = no lights

    Hmm, only high beam for both sides sounds like switching mechanisms ....pulled my other Vortex (FWD turbo wreck) apart thinking much like an MY 4WD DR box - never to go back together !! The wiring is jammed in there up the steering column and the plastics tricky, fiddly and delicate. I have two paperback sections of US print 87 manuals 2 and 6 from memory Also full volumes of 85 that includes Vortex And somewhere is a new combo switch so got some work to get through...checking the intro conversion loom and relays thanks Ido..
  8. Step-a-toe

    4/87 XT Vortex hi beam = no lights

    Low beams worked fine until selected high beam The high beam indicator in dash did not illuminate Ido, two headlamp relays Is it one for both sides low beam, the other for both sides high? This baby is very tidying the wiring, never molested until I got it with 172,000 km and then the conversion loom installed rather fastidiously. I need to get the battery cable sorted before I do any more sleuthing Do you know if the relays are NC? Owned 20 ? I have only ever seen 12, just thought of another, and another ....14 in 35 years !
  9. Back story is LED headlight inserts from local 4*4 lighting genius and his conversion loom for the LED to function Maybe now two years since installed, driving at night on low beam, switch on hi and suddenly darkness just the other night Not sure if I just switched back to low beam in a panic ( was in Kangaroo Alley ! ). or if I had to lights off and down and back up to get them on. Coincidentally the old resurrected battery no longer holds charge so it is now out, replacement needs cable mods before I can test lights again Speaking to mate says pre led days the relays can sort of ash up contacts as the work harden? Fine for lights with load, but LED bit finicky and may not be up to the task Went looking at LHD drawings to suggest headlight relays just up near accelerator cable meets pedal Two round ND relays , one green socket, other white socket Have half tested them. Seem to be a NC relay Not blaming the new relays in conversion loom or anything else. Anyone similar experience?
  10. Step-a-toe

    staked u-joints

    My change-over is still getting under my feet
  11. Step-a-toe

    inside door latch "bucket" resto

    OK ! Thanks for both the link and the date. Interesting comments in what value some put on these When they were available from Subaru America , price was about US$10 each A mate of mine reckons he could get them made in China but by the time and trouble to produce an economical quantity, and small handling fee would they sell? A lot of us are on tight budgets, some are not.
  12. Proper part name ? Trim ? Trying a restoration on this one.. Have had many years extended life by painting my first set with a hammer tone epoxy 20 years ago Just scored these... Front and rear doors appear to be the same, just handed for each side Gonna try a few with vinyl spray...until someone goes repro
  13. Try to do one thing at a time between tries. Some of us throw everything at problem at once and can't pinpoint ,but problem goes Not sure if anyone does on car wheel balancing anymore. A 'finish' balance, on car can make up for extra bits in the steering and suspension causing imbalance We bought one mid 80's but was out of service more than in due to the pick ups in its lower control arm supports Only recently scrapped it after snaffling it's German components like hinges and wheels n axles
  14. Step-a-toe

    1991 Loyale ECU acts odd

    Out of my league Ricky, as soon as you start work inside ecu !! What I can offer is by memory of the first EA82 MPFi turbo ECU . According to manuals the EGR is to only operate at operating temperature and below 45 kph controlled by ECU Third parameter of control is manifold vacuum .Not sure if it is specified as X value inHg or not but from tinkering think it needed about minimum of 10 to activate the diaphragm. Sounds to me you are capable of making a dedicated EGR controller in stand-alone form and surgically remove the troublesome circuit from the ECU I ran a T onto my EGR vac line, ran extension into the cabin to run a second working EGR valve . When safe to do so, I held this in my hand, little pinky (finger !) poked into and on the diaphragm to feel when engine mounted EGR unit would work in relation to all other parameters, including vacuum gauge. I found the theory of ECU control was not the case Temperature had no say - it worked at all temps Speed had no say - it worked above 45 kph right through to highway speeds, so long as the vacuum was there. This was my first own EFI car to tinker with and when rescued nearly raped at the wreckers yard, it needed a new heart. Once running, I checked the codes to find "EGR solenoid is sticked to open or sticked to close" Yup. Solenoid no worky, swapped in one from a carb model - all fixed. Only ecu problem ever experienced, fixed but was like ECU just left it powered up all the while ignition was on
  15. Top marks for: finding it sharing and letting on it was your work (Usually some unnamed slack bum you can't smack about for it)