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  1. Got a 2008 Subaru Legacy, I just noticed a large chunk of my timing cover has fallen out. I was looking for a replacement piece, but they all come in 3 parts and for some reaso, my cover is 2 parts with a larger left side. I still have the chunk that fell out would i be able to make a temporary repair for now?
  2. I am wanting to lift my 08 legacy wagon. Hoping to switch to taller struts. Does anyone know if I can just pull struts off of a forester or a outback to do it? If so will i be needing other parts or have to modify other parts?
  3. Hey i got an 08 legacy wagon 2.5i. I wanna get it lifted up a couple inches. Any know if i could just take the struts off a forester or outback to get the lift? Would i also need to replace other parts?