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  1. I’d love some if ur still making them!
  2. thanks! I’m fine with spending the extra to have coils if I can get it low! Are there any options for coilovers fitting the front without changing to 5 lug? If not what parts do I need to swap to 5? I want to eventually make the car look similar to this guys build
  3. Here’s a photo of the car, I would like it to be as low or lower than it is with the air bags blown out lol
  4. Hey guys! In the beginning stages of building my 86 Xt turbo, sadly like most 4wd Xt’s on this planet the air suspension is completely destroyed... my goal is to drop the car as low as I possibly can on coilovers, swap to 5 lug (or get adapters), and eventually engine swap it. I have read a few threads about swapping the air bags for modern struts but i would like a little more detail on what parts I will need to do it with coilovers. The info I have so far is I can use Miata coils for the rear but I’m not sure what to do about the front given that I have 4 lug, I am completely open to swapping to 5 lug if needed for the front but what will I need?
  5. Evicted

    5-lug AND air suspension swap - 87 XT Turbo

    Hey! I’m currently trying to swap out my 86 Xt’s shot air suspension and want the most dropped look possible (slammed haha) do you know if rear NB Miata coilovers would work for the rear and 05 legacy coilovers for the front? I hope u see this, I need help so bad rn