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  1. Yukon Cornelius

    More on oil pressure woes.

    Yup. Drove around for about 2hrs last night. It gets down the road alright for an old barn find.
  2. Yukon Cornelius

    Cranks and wont start

    So I've been having this issue as well. Try hammering on the distributor while some ones cranking. LOL. it seems to work for my Brat. Has a new ignitor and I still have this issue. Maybe I'll replace the distributor.
  3. Yukon Cornelius

    More on oil pressure woes.

    Ending oil pressure is 12psi hot idle and 22 psi 2k rpm. Confirmed internal engine wear is the cause of low pressure. Just drive it till it quits
  4. Yukon Cornelius

    More on oil pressure woes.

    Yeah, I couldn't find one for sell. Though the operating temp oil pressure was at minimum acceptable spec. I decided to inspect it anyways. Glad I did cause it looked terrible. I'm sure the internal engine clearance is worn as well and oil pressure is never gonna be high. But that pump was about to crap out and seize up. I'd hold on to that pump if I were you. They seem rare now. I'll post new pressure readings tonight.
  5. Yukon Cornelius

    More on oil pressure woes.

    Sooo..... pump disassembled it looks like crap. Pump shaft is damaged and housing it done. Had a rough looking engine that came with the Brat. Removed it and it looks great. Even though the engine looks terrible. The pump is top notch. Will report new pressure readings when installed.
  6. Yukon Cornelius

    More on oil pressure woes.

    Thanks Bud. It was leaking too. Sounds like a reseal and run it. It did look nasty in the oil pan. So I'm just gonna run it till it doesn't any more.
  7. So I've decided to rebuild an oil pump on my son's 86'Brat. Oil pressure is 45psi dead cold idle/ and 70psi on cold 2k rpm. Hot idle at 800rpm is 12psi and 20 psi at hot 2k rpm. I would just replace the pump or internals if I could find one. Anyone have any suggestions on parts location. Google has kinda failed me. On a side note the cheap oil pressure sender is correct and the gauge is showing about right. Just kinda low oil pressure. Oh yeah, I pulled the oil pan to replace the gasket and found nasty metal sludge in there. Dang!
  8. Yukon Cornelius

    Couldn't find fuel level sender for 86 Brat.

    I would send more pics but, it seems I can't take a picture file small enough for this forum.
  9. Bought a generic unit from summit racing. Modified by widening the holes and it fit well. Sealed with generic gasket paper and moved the sender all the way to the rear of the tank.
  10. Latest from the barn find. Had him driving it around a little and heard heavy knock/clunk from rear axle intermittently. Disassembled rear brakes to find all shoe retainer springs broken and beating the crap out of the wheel cylinders. Ordered some brake hardware kits from carid. We'll see
  11. Meh, cleaned the contacts and reassembled. Still does the same thing. Not one of the more pressing issues with the vehicle as its charging 14v during operation. And the list of issues is long. I'll come back to it and report a repair when I find it. It's most likely just diode issues. But, not bad enough to fail the diode test on my tester. Moving on to rear brake hardware and fuel level sensor
  12. Contacts looked ok. Diodes were kinda corroded. Cleaning contacts and retesting.
  13. Testing with AC now. .07 VAC