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  1. gassy.t

    1979 DL wagon

    Also, has anyone ever tried to or knows about putting a catalytic converter on these and if it's possible?
  2. gassy.t

    1979 DL wagon

    I don't have enough experience to even know where the pump should be lol, could you point that out? I will probably go up with knowledgable friends to check it out before I purchase it but it is far away so the more info I can get from home the better. Thank you for your help!
  3. gassy.t

    1979 DL wagon

    I've been told that I should avoid factory manuals and stick to at-home service ones like Haynes because the factory ones often use tools that are inaccessible for the at-home mechanic. Does this hold true in your opinion for this car? Or should I get both to be safe; they are pretty cheap on eBay and look cool so I wouldn't be opposed to both. And thank you for all the tips! They will definitely save me.
  4. Hi again! So I posted on the meet n greet page about how I was going to get a 1979 dl wagon. I still haven't gotten it yet because it has taken a while to get the vin information from the seller, who has been in the hospital (he's okay though). In recent updates, my housemate has been super concerned that this car will cost me thousands and thousands of dollars in repairs and I just wanted to run it by y'all to see if anyone had an idea on how much fixing one of these cars up could cost. Some background info: 1) I will be doing all of it myself, no expensive mechanic shop for me 2) the cost of the car right off the bat is 500, pretty cheap I'd say 3) I'm not trying to ~restore~ it. I'm trying to get it drivable. And for parts, I know this page sells a lot of stuff so I'm sure that if I needed something my best option would be to look on here first? I will include a pic underneath the hood, so y'all can see what is up with it. Sorry it's not the best picture but it's the only one that I have of this part of the car. She is also concerned that I will not be able to get it running well enough to put out on the street in time before my other housemate who lives in the garage gets back at the end of September. It is possible that the engine does start up, the seller is going to see if he can get check on how the engine is doing (or so he said). Does anyone have a good idea about the time frame for fixing one? I'm assuming I will need to do the basic tune up work plus anything else that turns up to not work. Any tips would be greatly appreciated, this car is the one for me and I don't want to let it go because my housemates don't believe in me
  5. Hi there y’all! I’m Tessa from Santa Cruz, CA; happy to be here. I will (hopefully) be acquiring a 1979 4 wheel drive DL wagon, not exactly running and will probably need a lot of work, but I’m super excited to get behind the wheel and learn a lot! I’m very new to the world of car mechanics (I am a bicycle mechanic) but I’ve got some friends to help me out with this project; If anyone has any experience with these cars please please let me know!! Any quirks, things to look out for, fun facts, all would be greatly appreciated! Thanks and good to meet you all! Edit: I haven’t gotten it yet but I most likely will in a week or so, and will post pictures then:) Tessa