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  1. Many are living for that next "thirty Pack" as well. Although Bud Light might be a little less popular right now. Darn if someone was offering a G for a pile, sitting near the Crusher, I would have chiseled off, and kept the VIN plates if there was no title.
  2. I still have those manual racks, figured they were worth more, than power ones when these cars were in the yards a decade or more ago.
  3. Have a pair of hubs, with turned rotors, along with cone washers and castle nuts. If you are still in need. This is EA-82 stuff. Dave S southern New Mexico (clean parts).
  4. I have a Replacement Copper / Brass radiator. Near new, but some cosmetic defects. $40. PM if interested.
  5. Yep, I have an '89 parts wagon, but it is not the same as the "carry over" brat which continued to use pre '85 passenger car stuff.
  6. Looked at my three shaft assemblies - that have that carrier bushing. 1. one front unit is "shorter" with good bushing and bad front U joint (guessing five speed?) 2. next front unit is "longer" with good bushing and good front U joint (Auto?) 3. Third Unit is complete assembly, long front shaft, has good U joints (has Subaru Sticker, may be replacement assembly) I did buy it from a Yard, perhaps a Decade ago, as a complete driveshaft assembly Had these loose, for so long, forgot which is Auto and which is Five Speed
  7. Since you already sprung for the $$ rebuild kit for the Original, I'd find a Carb Guy to fix what you have. Keeping it all original. I do know one here in Las Cruces, he was employed by the now defunct Pony Carbs for a spell. Frankly I'd look for one that has a Japanese focus, or sideline, there has to be more than one out there. The southeast is not a hotbed for these cars, and if you desire to part it out, you'll sell one critical part, and since then the vehicle is disabled, there's no way to sell the rest. For above Scrap value - say $150 when brought across the Scale. Shipping and Logistics kill me in southern NM, as pretty much everything I sell in my main focus of 64-81 GM classic has to be shipped out of here. Would suspect you'll have the same problems, with Subaru parts, in the Southeast. The areas of interest for the older Subaru tend to be the Pacific NW, the Northeast, and Colorado/Wyoming. In a very general sense. There are always exceptions.
  8. I have a parts EA-82 on a stand right now. Clean desert metal. If you need any hard parts let me know. Also have new timing belts, gaskets, hoses, thermostat, etc. All new. Package deal if you buy it all.
  9. Have a older replacement copper/brass job, near new, a few cosmetic blems. Available. Would imagine anything available now is aluminum with plastic tanks.
  10. Ok - that seems to indicate that the "carryover" Loyales used the earlier tank.
  11. www.subaruparts.com - shows some pre '95 parts still available.
  12. Spectra Premium? Rock Auto? I have a cleaned Wagon tank, it is in my Classifieds Ads Dave S southern NM
  13. I have a flushed / cleaned tank from an '89 wagon. sender/float is clean. Research seems to be that it fits '87 to '89 only. Any reason why this same setup wasn't used in the "carry-over" '90 - '94 Loyale Wagon models?
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