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  1. I have a 1981 DL 1.6 motor. The fuel filter on this car is under the car behind the rear driver side. The fuel pump is under the hood. It is on the right side as you stand in front of the car next to the fire wall at the windshield. You may want to check the carburetor. I had this fuel problem. I found that two black small hoses that go to the carburetor on the right back had come loose from the carburetor body. If this has happened you cannot get fuel. You have at least 8 PSI which is lost if these are not sealed in the body of the carburetor. I will have to glue or something else to make my work. I am checking to see what is best. Good Luck Paul
  2. pa9213

    Best source for axles?

    I have a 1981 DL. I am getting it back on the road. I have replaced the boots and the axles. Most people will tell you to replace the axles. The cost is not that much different. My experience is the only thing that goes is the boot and the bearing on the axle at the wheel. Good luck with the replacement. I use Rock Auto a lot. I like them. Paul
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    1981 DL Carburator

    E-Mails are confusing. I will try to explain mine. pa9213si(eye)l(LUG)@gmail.com We will figure this out. Thanks for not giving up. By the way I could not find any of the E-Mails you sent. Paul
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    1981 DL Carburator

    Thanks so much for getting back to me. I don't care for FB but look their mostly for kids and grandkids. I will join to see if the info you have will help. I will let you know. Thanks again. Paul I for some reason cannot get facebook to let me join the group. Would it be possible for you to E-Mail some information? pa9213sil@gmail.com Thanks again
  5. I need to locate a detailed drawing of the 1981 DL 1.6 Carburetor to show how to put the parts on the Accelerator Shaft. I do not know the order that they go in. I bought this vehicle new in 1981. It has taken me through snow, rain and allowed me to stay alive when big trucks wanted to move me over. (I hope just didn't see me) The carburetor does not have and numbers on it that I can find. Thanks if you can help me at all. pa9213