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  1. I'm afraid I've overheated my ea82 in my 85 gl10. I don't know what to do with it. It is leaking coolant from the block. Is there a fix? I'd really like to keep it running. It sat in a storage unit for 20 years which means it's in awesome shape with low miles. Under 60000.
  2. The part from amazon is in now. minus a stripped bolt on the steering knuckle, which I am going to get tomorrow, and the fluid lines. Got that stripped screw and called it a night due to the darkness.
  3. Rockauto's only option was for me to send them mine to be rebuilt. Better price, but it's a daily driver. Amazon was the only place I could find one in stock. I tried everywhere including the local dealership. I joined this site to see what options anyone else had found.
  4. I'm not sure about it being the same as a normal rack. I bought a rebuilt through Amazon for 350. Amazon was the only place it was available. The page said it will fit. I will probably rebuild the one I'm removing and selling it to make some of that loss back. The rebuild is just going to be tedious. My only other option would be to drain my fluid and run without power steering, but that'll ruin my pump.
  5. I've searched everywhere. Found a couple on Amazon. It was expensive and I don't even know if it will fit. The in/out lines don't look like they are in the right place. It's raining now or I'd be trying to put it on. Does anyone know a reputable place to get parts for my late model?
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