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  1. get an oem subaru one from an ej. it fits if you slightly shave off the outside of it. best mod. aftermarket ones are poopoo. recently i tested what looked to be the best aftermarket one id ever seen... till i tested it agenst a stock one.... oem one opened faster at the right temp, and stayed open compared to the aftermarket that only opened a few mm and then promptly shut when i removed it from the burner... the oem one stayed open till it hit its rated temp, then went to about 50% open till about 10 degrees below the rated temp and then closed...
  2. check and clean the harness grounds, and if you un clipped and re attached all the clips behind the fuse panel im sure most of the electronics would start working again as intended, as mine did during my ecu install... half my accessories didn't work prior to me reseating all the clips, now they all work
  3. woow! okay thats so weird, AC and recirculate are on the jdm far drivers side panel, whats the button on the bottom of the shifter? the one to the left of the headlight switch? also, whats all the warning lights? i know, charge, at oil temp, brake, check engine, stop lamp, brake fluid,,, thats all i know,,, looks like thats got more
  4. if i dont give myself some sort of cap to the madness i dont think the engine would last at all, lol. im not really on a big power binge these days, ive kinda gotten a lead foot in the worst way, more power just means i go faster.... and i cant afford more tickets at the moment (insurance is already over $500/mo) so, less max power good, lol. i had to get rid of my superbike cause i cruised that at over 140 everywhere... my legacy gt... i cruise that at 110..., i feel like if i ej'd my L series then i would likely cruise over 120...
  5. its just kind of an overview ish of the idea. ive been doing much more research into it, its the only reason im bringing it up... and like i said, im already well past the cost to return rate... yeah, thats looking like a good idea too... though im not really looking for ultimate power like everyone keeps assuming, im looking for the MOST power on 8 psi, not whatever i can get on 20 psi or whatever, lol
  6. hrm, was it any good? i may reach out to them
  7. wow, power steering AND a/c that's a sweet wagon for sure! yes you can remove that hose with no problems, just pull it out and throw it away, or hold onto it for another collector
  8. so i called up garret yesterday and talked to a rep for a bit, so apparently that g25-500 they sell is using a g15 shaft and parts, so they probably wont make anything smaller. he said a gt15 is close to the factory size for the ea, but they don't make them any longer. hmm. i wonder how well a g25-500 would so on an ea, lmao.
  9. its quite different though. the cold on bake cured method is still basically paint, and getting it hot can ruin it, also it cannot handle paint solvents. plasma coating is more down to a molecular level of attachment to the metal, it wont come off, and its resistant to heat and solvents, I've seen it done, where after a dyno pull you can literally touch the exhaust and it would be cool to the touch (with both sides coated) its incredible, cost was the only big reason not to in the past
  10. yeah though its not as modern, still fairly old tech. im probably going to run a td04 too, it would be straight up amazing if garret made a g15-300 that would be sick
  11. since I'm going way over budget anyways, and I figured if I'm spending this much, I may as well do everything I can to make it actually last. I've known about this sort of thing in the past and at the time it was thousands of dollars to get it done, now it seems I can do an ea82 for under $500. and one of the biggest banes of the ea82 head is the exhaust route threw the port travels so far and makes so much heat. If the ports get a good plasma coating there would be almost no heat getting transferred into the head, there's also something about being able to build up areas where there could be cracks! hint hint, lol. heres an interesting article if anyone wants to look into this as well, id love to hear some thoughts on it, and if anyone on here has had experience! https://dsportmag.com/the-tech/education/quick-tech-thermal-barrier-coatings-for-more-power/
  12. yeah, having a good welder does make a huge difference. its going to be my first tig experience, The guy said he will send me some scraps to practice getting the settings right first, so thats nice.
  13. hey theres another member of the board who wants to convert to carb, try collaborating with him! im sure he'd love the carb parts
  14. bad turbo, getting a new upgrade soon, and got ahold of an old ea82 header designer... just gotta wait for shipping and then do some welding! this is what its gonna look like after its done, but its gonna be in pieces when it shows up
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