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    Bought a 2021 Crosstrek and love it.
    Dog owners and road trippers in Southern California.
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  1. We were bummed that the 2021 Crosstrek doesn't come with rear cooling. We take our dog on road trips, and were hoping to have the rear AC. But we loved the vehicle so we bought it anyway. I'm thinking about buying a USB or AC fan to cool the back area. I was thinking of hooking the fan up to the AC outlet that's in the armrest storage area. Question: is it bad for the vehicle's battery to use those AC adapters? I heard it could drain the battery after awhile. Thanks for any tips! Lex
  2. I read about this elsewhere: others were saying a rumbling sound develops in the dashboard area after a few thousand miles. We just bought ours. It only has 1200 miles. I'll post if it starts with us.
  3. We just bought a 2021 Crosstrek and love it! We took it on a trip to central California, and I found driving a Subaru is a great experience. Most notably (after having driven compact cars my whole life) is the leg room! I'm 6'0, and sitting in the Crosstrek is soooooo comfortable compared to our Corolla. It makes long drives so enjoyable—and the handling of our Crosstrek is amazing. I joined here, not only to meet other Subaru owners, but to ask questions about enhancements to our Crosstrek. Glad to be here!! Lex
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