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  1. Hi Everyone, I bought a 1992 Loyale several weeks back, five speed, four-wheel-drive. 170 2000 miles. I’ve had so many cars.., several air-cooled VWs, BMW 1600 / 2002s, Porsche 912, Alfas, and previously a couple of Subaru Outbacks. My wife has a Forester. I really love this thing - it feels so balanced with more road feel than the newer Subarus that I’ve owned and driven - it’s very fun to drive. I live in Northern Wa., and for now this my daily driver -110 miles 5 days per week - once this pandemic is over I’ll shuttle. my commute and keep the mileage down..this one is a keeper. I enjoy working on cars. and am looking forward to learning and contributing. I’ll add photos soon. I like the design of this car a lot! Best, Chris
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