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    Retired phone guy in Vancouver BC. Owned a few Outbacks, 2005 2.5 XT, 2019 Limited and now 2010 Limited with GPS. We get winter up here occasionally and I got tired of my old Blazer.
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  1. I have a 2010 Outback Limited, the seat back on the passenger side only reclines on one side and twists beyond straight up. The dealer during a service told me it was likely a broken seat back, not a motor issue. I planned to remove the seat and disassemble but I moved the seat all the way forward to look at the bolts and it would no longer move back, only forward. Now my wife has short legs but not that short! So now room to get at the front bolts is very limited. Has anyone had experience repairing seat backs, maybe have an opinion if it actually is or is not a broken seat back? I assume the back and forth issue issue is a motor, but is there a manual release so I can get the seat to the furthest back position?
  2. Hi all, New to this BB, Suby guy in Vancouver BC. My main ride 2010 Outback Limited, 200K KM's. Since retiring, been doing a lot of the work myself, easier on the pension. I also have a 2014 Impreza Sport, a Dodge 2000 Leisure Travel Van, and a lot of time on my hands. Hoping to gain some knowledge from a bunch of knowledgeable Subaru fans. Looking forward to contributing and a big hello to everyone on board.
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