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  1. Since I got my car, I’ve had some unsolicited advice on what I should do with it in terms of modifications. Someone suggested an “air/oil separator” and a “cylinder 4 cooling kit”. I currently have no mods done to it, and am unaware of any mods that have been done by the previous owner. Are these things I should look into?
  2. I tried to, but I’m technologically incompetent and it said my file was too big..? I tried to upload the pics from my iPhone.
  3. So hello, I’m new here. I impulsively traded in my 6 speed GTI for a 6 speed 2015 STI recently and thankfully I only had one “Oh Crap WHAT DID I DO?!” moment but anyway, here we are now. I figured it would benefit me to join a forum and learn more about my car from the people who know and love them. I’ve always coveted them for their beauty and excitement but obviously I didn’t prepare myself for actually owning one. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to as the opportunity to buy one presented itself and I jumped on it. I don’t know a lot whole lot about cars but I know more than the average female. I am confident I can be a good car owner. I’m here to learn from the best!
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