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    New to Subaru and I’ve been busy modding my 2014 Legacy
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    2014 Subaru Legacy 2.5i Limited
  1. Hey all, is anyone familiar with the rear suspension components of the 2014 models? Trying to fit an adjustable upper control arm to my 5th gen legacy but not are available for it that I’ve searched out, just keep getting hits for wrx/impreza
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    5th Gen Legacy

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    5th Gen Legacy

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    5th Gen Legacy

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    5th Gen Legacy

    Pics of my project so far, coilovers, some engine upgrades, blacked out badges
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    $400 Craigslist Rescue: Will's 1988 GL

    Awesome job! Love this generation as much as my 5th gen
  7. New to Subies but not new to mechanics, does anyone know if the rear upper control arms of the 2014 Legacy’s are the same used on the 2014 WRX?