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    Searching for brat fuel pump info .
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    Just a Subaru bro . First car was a 96 Impreza that I paid $500 for at 14. You know what happens after . Currently have an 06 impreza driver and a 04 STI with a new to me 1980 brat . 6th generation Idahoan living in Boise Idaho.
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    1980 Brat DL 2004 Impreza STI

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  1. Hey guys a little help. Looking at Fuel Pumps online and I notice most of the low psi recommend placing them close to tank . I know the stock was located under the hood . Not sure if there is an aftermarket pump y’all have had luck with? Or can I get a higher psi with a pressure regulator ? Is it easier to bypass than to try and connect to the voltage regulator?
  2. I’m making time at lunch tomorrow to go to bolt shop. If it’s the last thing I do.
  3. Can you find a part number for a fuel tank Drain plug bolt for a 1980 Gen one brat?
  4. 80BratGage

    Brat Newbie

    I’ve got the line cleared but have ran into another issue . I’m not sure if one of the braces for the line rusted out and broke or what but I can hear the line move around inside the tank. Can’t see what it looks like because it’s on the other side of the tank opppsite the fill hole and sending unit . Think I’ll be ok ? Or do I need to use a can opener and open her up? I’ve ran a weed eater line through and can see it come out next to drain plug .
  5. 80BratGage

    Brat Newbie

    Is there a filter at the end of the main fuel line inside tank? Trying to push a piece of weed eater wire down it and eventually hit a wall ...
  6. 80BratGage

    Brat Newbie

    Thanks for looking . Still haven’t made it to Tacoma screw but will tomorrow most likely. Yeah the dash is in great shape. Was pleasantly surprised how well the interior is
  7. 80BratGage

    Brat Newbie

    Thought I’d add some photos I was able to resize .
  8. 80BratGage

    Brat Newbie

    That’s ok ! Just going to take the tank to my local Tacoma Screw co and see what works for the drain plug bolt . Have had zero luck getting any info on it anywhere. I’m sure it isn’t misplaced often and I wish I had the original owners number , guy I bought from purchased it and did nothing with it, wonder if he has it somewhere. Got the rear seats yesterday 100 I was pretty stoked.
  9. 80BratGage

    Fuel tank Drain plug/bolt .

    I haven’t had any luck . Not sure if I’m using the right search term.
  10. 80BratGage

    Brat Newbie

    I’ve got a gen one . That was not me posting about the third eye brat. Was a random post in the thread.
  11. 80BratGage

    Fuel tank Drain plug/bolt .

    Nope . Was gone when I dropped the tank
  12. Anybody know where I can find a replacement drain bolt for a gen one 1980 brat ? Or have any success using something else?
  13. 80BratGage

    Brat Newbie

    I will have to think about making a road trip. It’s only 38 hours from me . I also need to figure out to make the photos smaller so I can upload them and then I’ll upload some more .
  14. 80BratGage

    Brat Newbie

    So far I’ve dropped the tank and gave it a good cleaning and everything looks pretty good. Other than no drain plug bolt. Anybody have any idea where or what I can replace it with? Identified the hitachi 2 bbl carb and have gone through it with a kit. One of the plungers was stuck fixed but came loose with the cleaning. Had to drain the radiator from the bottom hose because the petcock is broke flush. Will get out when I buy a new cap with a heated up flat head. Going start making a list of a few things I know I need , rear brake light glass . Signal glass. Front emblem,