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  1. My '86 Turbo is also missing the regulator. I bought one of ebay, but without the original one to reference I can't tell if it is the correct one or not. I also have a tangled cable mess.
  2. I'm having a hard time finding a rear caliper rebuild kit for an '86 XT; anyone know of a good source, OR Know of reasonably prices rear caliper assembly? Not having much success with AutoZone or O'Reilly's.
  3. What is the size of the fuel line that leaves the tank and goes to the fuel pump? Anyone know off the top of their head?
  4. I just acquired 3, count 'em, THREE Subaru XT's. 1986 XT Turbo, Manual 1989 XT 4WD, Manual 1991 XT6 AWD, Manual Condition? Well, they are going to need a lot of love. Currently, the only one running is the '89 XT. They have all been sitting outside in a dirt lot for 5+ years. Interiors are rough, exteriors are also in need of attention. I think they are mechanically "okay", I'll know more as I get them running and do a shakedown. Background: I owned an '89 XT6 from '94 to 2002. It was my favorite car I've owned. I'll be needing some odds and ends to get these up to speed. I would appreciate any local leads on parts or cars in salvage yards. I'll post photos soon!
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