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  1. Hi there, As I'm going through the efforts to reassemble the H6 in our 2001 Outback, the manual says to torque the cover to a whopping 6.3 N-m, or 4.6 ft-lb. Which was just barely enough to make the 55.2 in-lb click on my torque wrench. That's just a tad tighter than hand tight, it seems. OK, so I'm new to Subaru, and I've dealt with 'hand tight, plus a 1/4 turn', in the past. Will they really not leak? The instructions didn't https://snaptube.cam/ 9apps call for locktite. They didn't specify dry or lubed bolts - so I just cleaned them well... And installed them. Is it me? Is this just a feature I'll have to get used to? Are the gaskets really that good??? Or are leaks in my future....?