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  1. How much for the engine in its entirety? Super interested!!
  2. Im just a perfectionist. Yes it leaks oil on my driveway, but i mostly want to rebuild it because when I got it the cooling system was in shockingly terrible shape. Rad was beat, hole in two hoses. Oil was filthy and low. Truth be told I could actually wait another 40k or 50k miles, but why wait? @newmexguyhow much are you asking? I live in Eagle River, AK.
  3. Hi guys, I want to overhaul my ea82 Manuel. What advice would you have for rebuild kits? Or maybe on where to source a block already overhauled? Is there any other thoughts you guys might have for me in this endeavor?
  4. Can you describe the sound more precisely? When did it start? Mid-drive? On cold start? Does it go away or change when the engine reaches temperature? How does it change with RPM? If possible take a video with the best possible audio you can. Post it here, or post it on YouTube and post tbe link for us. That will help us give you better answers. How many miles?
  5. After reading your post, I played the video through my cars audio for a better listen. Hard to say, it sounds a lot like mine did and I drove it for years and over 80,000 fairly abusive miles that way. Lol. Yours does seem a little harsher than mine, and I didn't have any forced induction. Maybe try for a better recording if possible? Some of these more guys here that are more experienced than myself could probably give you more info with that. If I had to pick one, personally I'd say worn or insufficiently lubricated lifters.
  6. Good to know! That's a good tip. In my car the problem seemed to resolve itself. The belts work as they should and they haven't done anything funny for a few years. But should they start getting ideas again, now I know what to do! I've put a LOT of love into my 92. But I've asked a lot of the car, and have put it through a lot. I've welded a snowmachine deck to the roof, and driven that car up mountains with said snowmachines, dirt bikes, etc on the roof, and that's just the beginning. It's even been featured in the local paper for my wild ideas and builds. Lol. The Loyale is an excellent vehicle, if cared for they are borderline indestructible. I've asked way way more of my 92 than it was ever designed to do, and it's always given it to me. It's never said no. But I also have put the work, love, and money into it so it could handle those extremes and keep on running.
  7. Yes, I see that coolant line from the thermo and dissappearing under the intake behind the p/s pump. And there is coolant on the block. I bet that's the source, or that gasket under the throttle body. I will investigate when I get off work tonight and post my findings.
  8. GD, you legend you. I mean, your subi might just be haunted. My 92 was that way for a while. You'd be on the highway and the automatic belts would randomly start rolling forward. And you'd be sitting there trying to drive with this belt in the way, thinking, "...seriously...?"
  9. Very interesting! I didn't even know recore-ing was a thing. But im no master mechanic and I'm not going to try to pretend lol. I bet the radiator I have is the Subaru factory radiator. I did find a replacement online with aluminum cores, I'll find the link and post it. See what you think.
  10. 1990 Loyale/Manuel After running the engine for a little while, coolant steam seems to rise from the center of the engine, around the throttle body and under where the air intake clamps on. Any idea where this is coming from? I didn't think there was coolant connections right there. It doesn't overheat. Or at least the gauge says it's not overheating and it has no symptoms of definite overheating. Although one time, after driving on the highway for about 15 minutes, I got out and saw some dried fluid on the side of the car, like it came from the overflow reservoir. Any words of wisdom guys before I knuckle into this?
  11. Something happened between disassembly and reassembly. It's hard to say exactly what, but I would trace your turn signal connections and any thing else you think could be touching something it shouldn't. Check your grounds as well. I assume this is a Loyale or GL you're working on. As for the fuel gauge, there is an access panel under the carpet in the back. There are two wires accessible without opening the access panel. Make sure they are clean, and have good contact. To check the voltage you'll need the key in the run position. Under the access panel is the sender unit. I would personally not recommend opening it. Since it was working before, and you didn't open it, the fuel gauge problem shouldn't be there. It's sealed by some very sticky black glue, and if you open it you'd have to ensure it's sealed back up. Wouldn't want your ride to smell of gas, or worse, should the vehicle roll, start a fire.
  12. Thank you all for the info and the link! I appreciate it. Going to get a new rad and cap Monday. You are absolutely correct, I bet the cap and maybe even a rad could be found locally, but I really try to make every effort to get genuine Subaru parts whenever possible before going to discount auto part store. With some exceptions of course, you know what I mean. I fixed the weak start/won't run problem. Seems it was a combination of a old fuel filter and a vacuum leak. I also localized the localized the source coolant steam but have yet to pin point it. It seems to rise from the dead center of the engine, beneath from where the intake hose clamps on.
  13. Probably a complete overhaul of the cooling system with the new rad and cap. Where can I get a new rad? It's a discontinued part as well a the cap for the 90 Loyale/Manuel trans.
  14. I mentioned previously I would get the milage when various components have been replaces. Here it is. 155,000 - Rear control arms, left rear wheel cylinder 157,913 - intake manifold 157, 950 - timing belts 195,700 - drive shaft 203,000 - front wheel bearings and seals I think I need a new radiator and rad cap. I think I should do a bubble test to see if the hg are damaged.
  15. Yeah that makes sense. I will look. I would imagine i would have noticed something like that but anything is possible. Just took the car on a good road test. Runs good, doesn't die. But now, after going home, 17mi down the highway, I noticed a good bit of smoke/steam from the hood. Smelled like coolant. This is new. I didn't investigate. I just went inside. It's dark and it's been a long day. I wonder what's wrong now. The temp gauge didn't get over 1/3 and had no other symptoms. Guess I'll have to check it out tomorrow, but I'm supposed to work tomorrow. If you guys have any thoughts on the matter please share.
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