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  1. Honestly man if youre able to find a non turbo xt they are actually fairly reliable. I daily drive mine and only have had problems with the CV axles. The ea82 is a very simple engine to work on and the platform itself isn't that hard to find mechanical parts for. Now if you get an xt turbo or xt6 I can't say the same. Body and interior parts are like gold for the xt and they are difficult to come by in decent condition. As far as safety goes, just try not to crash the thing. We don't want to lose another xt.
  2. Hey folks. I decided to keep my xt and i would like to convert it to a digital dash. I am in the process of trying to get ahold of the gauge cluster itself. What other steps do I need to take to swap from analog to digital? The dash is going into an 88 part time 4wd non turbo.
  3. This is all facts. The cv axles aren't the reason I'm considering selling it. I love the car alot, it's so unique in its own way. I just don't have a need for it anymore. I'm still very much on the fence with keeping or getting rid of it.
  4. I'm in Wyoming. It's a 5spd manual and runs excellent, I have upwards of a grand in spare parts to go along with it (can't post a pic right now poor internet at work)
  5. Hey folks. I am thinking about selling or trading my 88 xt non turbo part time 4wd. It has two owners including myself and 192k miles. I daily drove it for the longest time and now the cv axles are gone (as they do on this platform). I have quite a few parts including headlights, front bumper, little odds and ends, passenger window etc. Fenders are rusty but what can you do its an xt. Does anyone have any idea on what I should be asking price-wise for it? Is this something to hang on to? Thoughts? Thank you all!
  6. Finding parts for the xt\xt6 usually sucks. Involves luck and a good eye. Pretty sure there are a few members on here as well as on the Facebook group that have a whole manual 5 speed parts car which I'm sure they would love to help you out with! I only have the center console for a manual if that helps you in anyway. Glad to see another person with an xt6 on the road!
  7. Try to get a more concise location on where its leaking from. As far as engine damage... The ea82 is a really strong engine. On My xt I have overheated it twice. The first time the water pump blew up. The second time the water pump fell off into the crank pulley and all of my coolant spilled (this was on the highway mind you). I also ran it really low on oil since it was consuming some on the highway. I was sure I was going to have some sort of issues after all of that abuse but to my suprise she still starts every time and runs like a top (the blowby also seems to have resolved itself after the 2nd water pump incident)
  8. The ea82 is a non interference so you should be okay if the belt happened to snap. If you're really worried then take one of the timing covers off on the front of the engine (a few 10m bolts) and inspect for major cracks. Contrary to popular belief the timing belts on these are stupid easy. There is a great tutorial on YouTube by user miles fox (he also has some other amazing information in other videos!!!)
  9. First thing is go through all of your fluids and new battery. Gas, coolant and oil. transmission fluid can probably be skipped until it gets driven more. If it starts then great! If not then you'll be diagnosing a lot. After you start driving it a little change belts, vacuum lines, and go through power steering fluid and brake fluid. After it runs for a little some leaks might start to show themselves. Usually when stuff sits for awhile older rubber and gaskets can crack and disintegrate. But man almost 70k miles on an 86? I'm jealous! What a lucky fellow you are!
  10. Thanks for all the replies folks, water pump is on the way and it will go in easy with everything out of the way. By far the easiest engine I've worked on!
  11. So I have an 88 xt part time 4wd and I'm thinking of an engine swap. I would love to make some good power out of the car and keep it decently cheap. What engines are relatively easy to swap in? What tips can anyone give me on finding information, parts, etc on the topic? Thank you all for any help!
  12. Hey folks! I have an 88xt non turbo, part time 4wd that I would like to fully restore or do a build of. I bought it from the original owner who unfortunately drove it in the snow so there is some cancerous rust. The water pump fell off into the crank pulley and damaged some things but I believe the engine to be salvageable as it didn't overheat too terribly. I would love any help finding body/interior/engine parts to help restore or build this thing back glory. It would be cool to swap in a higher power motor or the ER27. I would be ecstatic to find a set of louvers as well. Anything helps! I'm new to Subarus so I'm kind of unfamiliar with alot of things. Thank you all for responses/help
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